10 Crucial Steps to STOP Constipation Forever & Fiber Packed Fruit Smoothie Recipe Part 1 (of 5) by Little Linda Pinda


Please take the time to read ALL 5 PARTS of this Article to STOP Constipation. It is filled with tips, recipes and natural remedies to stop constipation that you may not have even thought of on How to Stop Constipation. Maybe you just need a reminder to incorporate these 10 simple steps to Stop Constipation. I truly hope this will help you. Please consult your physician.

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10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation Forever.  If you have normal constipation from a poor diet or lack of fluids and exercise, please read my simple 10 Steps to Constipation Relief.  It will not only help your digestive tract but if you implement many of these steps into your everyday life, your health and even your appearance.  Please read the explanations on all 10 of these constipation relief methods.

#1 Following a Gluten Free Diet – Gluten could be one of the causes of constipation

#2  Limit Amount of Protein Including Soy Protein for a Limited Time.

#3  Drink a Fruit Smoothie Everyday – See My Fiber Packed Recipes on this Web Site, probably my best constipation treatment

#4  Drink Lots of Water – At least 64 ounces of Water –  See Great Fluid Recommendations

#5  Try Eliminating Regular Milk (Replace with Almond, Coconut or Rice Milk)

#6 Magnesium really helps me

#7  Add Fiber to many, many foods with Inulin or Psyllium Fiber

#8 Exercise can keep your digestive tract moving too

#9  Take a Natural Laxative or Stool Softener Only when NEEDED to for constipation remedies  and Very Limited amount of times.

# 10  The MOST IMPORTANT Tip to STOP CONSTIPATION Eat 9 to 10 Servings per Day of Fruits and Vegetables

Super Delicious, Fast and Easy to Make on the Go Fiber Packed Fruit Smoothie Recipe as one of the awesome Home Remedies for Constipation
See Link Below for Little Linda Pinda – MEASURED SMOOTHIE RECIPE.

Here is Little Linda Pinda’s Quick, Just Dump It Smoothie Fiber Packed Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Fiber Packed Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Fill Magic Bullet to the Top with Frozen Mixed Fruit

Microwave for 50 Seconds

Add Almond Milk or Juice 1 inch from the Top

1 tsp Benefiber Regular or Clear (Start out with 1/2 tsp and work up to 2 tsp)

2 TBS Ground Flaxseed (start out with 1 TBS if you are not used to Fiber)

Blend in the Magic Bullet for 1 minute

For Little Linda Pinda MEASURED RECIPE – Fiber Packed Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe with Measured Ingredients please go to:  http://stopconstipation.net/smoothie-and-salad-recipes-where-do-i-start-on-my-journey-to-get-constipation-relief-part-2.html

Here is a really refreshing and low calorie delicious Smoothie I recently developed: Look this blog, Oil of Olay Regenerist Reviews. Skin Care Tips and lots of great reviews on Olay products, including the Pro-X line and Acne products too.

Watermelon Nectarine Smoothie

If you don’t own a Magic Bullet and would like the Measured Recipe for another really great Tropical Fruit Smoothie Click the Following Link > http://stopconstipation.net/smoothie-and-salad-recipes-where-do-i-start-on-my-journey-to-get-constipation-relief-part-2.html

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Part 1 This article is Part 1 Read in further detail regarding all 10 Crucial Steps to STOP Constipation Forever by Little Linda Pinda There are tips you may have never even thought of that could be one of the causes of Constipation or maybe you just needed a reminder as I did. We discuss Gluten, Fiber, Water, Protein etc… We will go into each subject in greater detail as time goes on. This is really about eating Healthy. Many of these tips will help you lose weight, gain more energy and just feel better.

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Part 5 http://stopconstipation.net/9-to-10-solutions-to-stop-constipation-and-get-constipation-relief-continued.html

Lose Weight Feel Great by Little Linda Pinda

Gluten Free Cookbook to Help Stop Constipation if you are possibly Sensitive to Gluten as I am:
Gluten Free Every Day Cookbook: More than 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes from the Gluten-Free ChefCooking, Food & Wine Books)

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