10 Crucial Solutions to Stop Constipation and Get Constipation Relief #6 – #8 Part 4 (of 5)

10 Crucial Solutions to Stop Constipation and Get Constipation Relief #6 – #8 (Part 4 of 5) = to be Continued by Little Linda Pinda.  Easy and Yummy Constipation Treatments.  Try this, you WILL like this.

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#6 Magnesium .

It really Helps me. I personally take 2 Magnesium 500 mg with Calcium 500 mg
is a Great Vitamin in General. It is thought to have a Calming affect too so don’t forget to take it at night too. I definitely notice a difference when I take Magnesium. At a later date, I will do an article on the benefits of Magnesium.

#7 Add Fiber to many, many foods.

You can easily add and hide fiber into cereals, baked goods, beverages, salad dressings, yogurts, soups and stews, etc…. to help stop constipation.

Clear Inulin Fiber (100% Vegetable fiber) – Best used in moist type foods or beverages. Not recommended with carbonated drinks though. The Clear Inulin Fiber is grit free, flavor free and non thickening. Directions say it is best mixed in warm or room temperature liquids but I don’t have a problem mixing in my very cold water drinks but you can put an ounce or so of warm water along with the Inulin Fiber first, mix it up and proceed to add the cold liquids. It does mix a bit better that way but takes a tiny bit more time.

I love this fiber in my Fruit Smoothies, Baked Goods, etc… This fiber thickens as it sits ounce added to liquid type food or in your digestive tract. The Metamucil Natural Psyllium fiber states that it is also Gluten Free if you decided to go Gluten Free to help stop constipation. It also states that it has a low glycemic index and promotes digestive health. I especially enjoy the coarse fiber.

Warning: it is very important to drink at least 8 ounces of fluid per servings as it bulks up in your digestive tract or could even cause choking. Not drinking enough fluid would contribute to the causes of constipation, so please drink enough fluid when using the fiber.

Remember too, start out very slow. Try 1/2 tsp once per day and then work up to 1 rounded to heaping tsp 3 times per day as a constipation treatment. Eating enough fiber everyday can also help reduce other diseases, not just constipation, such as heart disease, maybe even diabetes and who know all the other health benefits you will see.

I have been making a point of using both types of fiber to get the ultimate constipation remedies. I did notice that when I started using the Inulin fiber to my morning Hot Cocoa beverage and then also to my 16 ounce water/juice/Emergen C drink, my constipation was even less.

#8 Exercise

Exercise can keep your digestive tract moving too. Exercise is another one of the great constipation remedies. Unfortunately for me, I had to suddenly stop all strenuous exercises because of the very deep fissure. I could feel the extra pain and pressure as I exercise but continued until my doctor told me I had to stop.

Even slowly walking hurt. I remember from just standing, all of a sudden I would feel a pain and then a release of blood from the fissure a couple of instances when I think I was stressed out.

These Fiber products will make an incredible difference in your life and you won’t even notice while you are getting the easy constipation relief.  I hide it in my husband’s coffee and he doesn’t even realize it until I tell him.  I am trying to get him to just dump it in.  As always, please see your physician for your individual needs. 

These methods helped me tremendously to stop my constipation and I hope it will help you too.  As I mentioned, these are not only fantastic home remedies for constipation they are just plain ole good general health and even weight loss assistance for you.  Try it, you will like it. 

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