How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water

Tasty Water Hints to Get Yourself to Drink More Water so you won’t get Constipated – Stop Constipation .Net.  These Tasty Water tips really help me to drink more liquids.  I drink Pomegranite Green and Decaffinated Tea with Fresh Lemon and Stevia now it and it tastes great plus Green Tea is so good for you.

Goal: To slowly increase your water (non caffeinated fluid) intake to 1/2 your Body Weight in Ounces. Add 10 ounces to that if you are Acutely Constipated, but at the very least, drink 64 ounces per day 1/2 Gallon for constipation relief. See Below for some really tasty Water Tips:

To help you drink more water and possibly give up soda or coffee if this is your goal. Here are some things that helped me to drink more and eat less and therefore loose that 20 pounds.

1. Add Flavor to Your Water: By adding 2 to 4 ounces of your favorite 100% Juice you will make it tastier.

2. Add 1/4 to 1/2 of a Fresh Lemon including the yummy pulp. Substitute with Concentrated Lemon Juice.  I put Lemon Juice in my Water and Tea.  Yummy and Healthy.

3. Add approximately 5 drops of Liquid Stevia to a 16 – 20 ounce bottle of water and 1/2 tsp sugar if needed.

4. In about 1 ounce of warm water, add 1/2 tsp and work up to 2 tsps of Inulin Fiber, like Metamucil Clear etc… Mix and dump in your water and Mix Well again.

5. Mix juice in Carbonated Seltzer. This helped me get off the Diet Sodas. This Tip is compliments of my Brother.

6. In a Blender, Magic Bullet or Ninja, Add 100% such as Welsh’s Grape Juice and Crushed Ice and Blend.

Mix larger quantities of juices or sweeteners at first and slowly cut back. At least you will be increasing your fluid in-take which is NECESSARY to Stop Constipation as one of the home remedies for constipation.

I usually treat myself to a flavored water when I start working in the morning. This is when I used to drink my diet sodas. You know what, I gave up diet sodas in December 2009, so it is almost 1 1/2 years now. I never made it that long before. Pat me on the back, thank you.

I am proud of that because I KNEW the possible dangers of Aspartame and I still would drink about 1 can per day. Besides that, caffeine depletes you body of fluids thus is just another one of the many causes of constipation.

You probably won’t drink as much water because you are filling up on nasty sodas and the sugar type have their own consequences. Try to kick the soda habit. If I can, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

By the way, I substituted drinking 100% Welsh’s Grape Juice for Ice Cream. I know juices are more sugars than what I want but I thought 100% juice was healthier than ice cream. I am not a Health Nut. I eat quite healthy but still enjoy an occasional ice cream etc…. But if using these little tips to trick your body helps SLOWLY cut back on unwanted chemicals and sugars, GO FOR IT!!!

Adding the Inulin Fiber to your beverage will also help chronic constipation. Here is a Link for one of the many examples of Inulin Clear Fiber.
You can also find it at your local drug store or grocery store. This fiber goes into so many things but I still like my Psyllium Fiber in my smoothies.

I truly get excited about helping you with all these natural constipation treatments. I went through the ringer with my constipation and it took MONTHS to figure out how to eat to stop constipation so I could finally heal from that awful fissure.

So at first, celebrate the small steps you take and pat yourself on the back. I am proud of you for going on this new journey to get healthier.

Happy Drinking More Water and getting the much needed constipation relief you NEED.

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