9 Steps on Kids Eating Healthy – Steps 6 -9

9 Steps on How to Get Your Kids and Spouse to Eat Healthy and Stop Constipation too.

6.  Avoid snacking too close to meals so they will be hungry and serve the healthiest food first while they are hungry.

7.  Dress up the Vegetables at first with cheese sauces and such and then slowly lessen the amount until they enjoy eating without any condiments.  This is how I started loving cauliflower and broccoli as a child and now love Brussels sprouts.

8. Empty your home of the Junk Food and have tasty Cut up Fruits and Veggies as snacks.  What you BUY they will EAT!!!  Small children can’t buy fast food and garbage food.  It is our responsibility as parents to provide the right foods for our family.

9.  Have them get involved in preparation.  If they are old enough to cut up the fruits and veggies, have them help make fun shapes.  Make a fruit salad and let the little ones add ingredients.  I love fruit salad with orange juice and lemon juice as the sauce or you can also add no added sugar jelly.  (Be sure it is sweetened with fruit juice and not artificial sweetener such as aspartame and such).

Maybe your children don’t deal with getting constipated now but you will be teaching them secrets to stop constipation for their future and lead healthier lives.  I had a brother who had terrible bowel issues at the tender age of 3 years old.  Sometimes it is not how you eat but maybe someone has a medical issue which causes constipation.  See your doctor if you or your family has chronic constipation.  They will help you get constipation relief.

Disclosure:  Remember, I am not a medical professional, just someone who has dealt with this problem and tried many ways to help heal a very deep Fissure and avoided the recommended surgery by following some of these ideas for myself.  Please see your doctor and develop a healthy regimen for yourself and your individual needs.

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