Hi, I am Little Linda Pinda, the name my gramma gave me as a little girl and now even in my 50’s, I love when people call me Little Linda Pinda. I decided to write this blog because I was put through the wringer by my Chiropractor who gave me a supplement that caused the worst Constipation of My Life. I spent so much time researching on how to eat to stop my constipation. I found Awesome remedies for me that I hope will work for you too.

StopConstipation.Net is to help people who have been dealing with constipation, hemorrhoids, fissures or digestion issues due to their eating habits. Often, I think this should be called a “Healthy Eating” blog. I am not a doctor, so please see a doctor for any of these problems. If you feel these problems are caused other than your diet, then please consult with your physician. This “Healthy Eating Choices” and Hints will hopefully help stop your constipation too and maybe even help you loose weight. Constipation can be a matter of simple food choices or could be something more serious. This is why it is important for you to see your doctor. I hope you enjoy the yummy recipes and start your way onto a New Healthier You.
God Bless You and I hope to hear back on your success,
Little Linda Pinda, LLC

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