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Please keep coming back to Stop Constipation .NET for recipes and lots of hints and ideas to help you with home remedies for constipation

Watch for my Top Ten STOP Constipation Recipes. You will love the taste, how easy it is to make and most of all how it STOPS Constipation. WOW! The variations will be included. Some recipes you can make ahead and freeze. Delicious Fruit Smoothies you can make in 3 minutes and take with you. Don’t miss this. These recipes have changed lives, mine included.  I will give you step by step recipes so you will have your own Home Remedies for Constipation to get the ultimate in Constipation Relief and to Help you with your own customized Constipation Treatments recommended by your physician.  See your physician to make sure what foods you can eat.  If you have Diabetes, you need to discuss what foods you can and can not eat.  The smoothie recipes I will be providing to help with constipation remedies are high glycemic due to the amount of fruits or juices.  Anyone can substitute lower glycemic foods such as Almond Milk instead of Juice.

Keep watching for Causes of Constipation and Chronic Constipation and the Home Remedies for Constipation that worked for me.  Every winter, I would deal with Chronic Constipation but I never had constipation as bad as when I took supplements from a chiropractor that had Bentonite Clay in them.  I was not told to watch for constipation problems.  I ended up with a deep fissures not to speak of the many hemorrhoids I was also dealing with.  Study the ingredients of any supplements you take.  I took them on an act of faith with the chiropractor knowing that I have chronic constipation for many months in the fall, winter and spring.  Be careful.  My medical doctors told me to stop taking all those supplements.  I am now down to a few vitamins per day.

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The Magic Bullet just makes life so much easier so you tend to drink your smoothies every day if it is fast and easy to make.
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