Stop Constipation and Get Constipation Relief with Fiber

Stop Constipation and Get Constipation Relief with Fiber

How to Stop Constipation does not have to be difficult.  Getting Constipation Relief should be as easy as adding extra fiber to you foods and beverages.  You do need to find out what is the cause of constipation in your life.  I would venture to say it is often the American Diet.  People don’t take the time to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.   But see your physician to determine the causes of constipation for you.

So, one of the easiest constipation remedies is to just add fiber to your drinks and food.  Two of the constipation relief methods would be adding Psyllium Fiber and Inulin Fiber to your diet regimen.  Be aware that you may need to start off slowly. Adding fiber into your daily practice should help stop constipation but adding too much fiber too soon can cause diarrhea which will attribute hemorrhoid formation or irritation.  You may also get stomach cramping and this could discourage you from eating fiber.  This is one of the great remedies for constipation but START OUT SLOWLY.  You will soon find out how much your body can handle and you should be able to increase the amount over time.  For instance, simple home remedies for constipation might be starting off with 1/2 tsp of Metamucil in your smoothie once per day and eventually and slowly, working up to a rounder tsp three times a day.  You can also add Psyllium Fiber to drinks and food.  I happen to enjoy the Original Coarse Multi Health Fiber but you can also purchase the flavored and smooth texture.  Warning: Look for aspartame or artificial sweetener in some of the flavored Fibers.   Down the road in these Stop Constipation articles, I will go into some of the dangers of artificial sweeteners.

For constipation relief, in our next posts, we will talk about the different fibers to help stop constipation.  I can not emphasize enough how important it is to find the home remedies for constipation that work best for you and stick to it on a regular basis to avoid chronic constipation.  You are probably reading this because you are already suffering from getting constipated and are at your wits end.  My wish is to help you stop constipation all together but you MUST stick too it.  Don’t get lackadaisical because it WILL start up again.  These posts are to help you and give you hope for constipation remedies that really work for most,  but please, see your doctor.  I am not a medical professional and these are ideas that worked for me.  Your physician can help determine the causes of constipation in your life.

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