Constipation Remedies Including Home Remedies for Constipation to Stop Constipation

Stop Constipation hopes to bring you ideas, hints and solutions to your Chronic Constipation if it is caused by the foods you eat.

Constipation and Chronic Constipation is a miserable condition suffered by millions of us on this earth and can cause many even worse conditions if left untreated or prevented.  If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it, we’ve included some easy solutions for you to experiment with. These are some ideas to reduce your constipation symptoms and improve your diet for long term digestive health.

Eat a High Fiber Diet.  Fiber will help provide bulk and also accelerates the movement of food through the Gastro Intestinal tract.  Both Types of Fiber are essential to include: Insoluble and Soluble Fiber will benefit your daily bowel movements.  Notice, I said DAILY.  Don’t hold back.  As the Feces sits in the colon, the colon continues to absorb water from the poop, thus drying it out, becoming hard and eventually stopping you up.  If you noticed you haven’t gone to the bathroom on a regular basis, discuss this problem with your doctor because action needs to be taken.  Do not take this lightly.  On an occasion, I will resort to a gentle suppository or a natural laxative such as Senakot.  Warning: Never rely on these products as you can become dependant on them.  I have heard it can take an individual a year or more to get back to normal after an addiction to laxatives.  Parents, watch your daughters (or sons) to make sure they are not using laxatives or diuretics as a weight loss measure.  This can become dangerous to your teenagers health.

Eating a High Fiber Cereal can be very Beneficial.  I like to see at least 9 Grams of Fiber or more.  If you are Gluten Sensitive, Gluten Cereals can be part of the problem even if they are essentially good for the average person.  See a Doctor if you suspect any type of Gluten Intolerance or Possible Celiac Disease.  At a later time we will discuss Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.  Return to view more Blogging regarding these conditions.

Finding Constipation relief can be a daunting thought at first but it really is a very simple and natural way of life.  Yes, it does take time to chop up fruits and veggies and the cost of these products often exceed the unhealthy processed ingredients but your added energy and weight loss will be worth it in the long run.  Your medical costs will hopefully deplete or lessen and you may be able to work more and earn a more money.

Keep watching for more help with new Constipation Remedies, Constipation Relief, Constipation Treatments, Home Remedies for Constipation, Causes of Constipation and Chronic Constipation and How to Stop Constipation.  See your Doctor as this could be a sign of something more serious or to meet your individual needs.

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