Continued: “Constipation Remedies” – “How to Stop Constipation”

These are my home remedies that worked for me after many months of begging Doctors, Naturalist, Chiropractor, Sales People and my Chiropractor.  I finally combined all my research and this is a continuation of how I finally got constipation relief after months of being constipated and not only causing annoying Hemorrhoids I had a very deep Fissure (right down to the muscle) that was Extremely Painful.  I am a pretty tough person when it comes to pain.  I NEVER get Numbed at the Dentist for a Cavity Filling.  I have been told by many doctors that I have a High Pain Threshold.  The pain from the deep Fissure for Month after Months was PAINFUL.  The combination of Spasms and Pain( because we are loaded with nerves in the anal area) and the Bleeding was awful.  I was desperated to find out how to eat.  Please read all of the posts as they all come together.  Disclosure:  I am NOT a medical professional and I recommend you consult your physician before trying what worked for me.  We are all different but I believe so much of this is just good old Healthy Eating that Americans have slowly but surely gotten away from.

The general consensus is only eating Four to Five Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per day.  The Health Conscious Public preaches Nine to Ten Servings per day.  Kick it up a bit.  Use a variety and mix and match.  I love salads with Fruits and Nuts included.  Spice it up with Salt Free Natural Seasonings.  (Watch for Gluten in some of these products too).  Antioxidants help to fight Free Radicals which can lead to damaging your body.  Do your best to First Eat Fresh and then Frozen.  I recommend avoiding Canned Processed Foods.  In the morning, I add dried Cranberries to my Raw Almonds and Walnuts to give it more flavor.  Yes, that is added sugar but I don’t eat much sweets.

Regularly Exercising will help move things right along.  Try a Ten minute walk and eventually bringing that up to at least Thirty Minutes of a Brisk Walk per day.  Added weight training will speed up your fat burning and increase your general overall fitness  Possibly Low Nitric Oxide Levels may cause Hypertension and or Constipation.  This may explain why pregnancy and senior citizens deal more with constipation then the general public.

Drink Half your Body weight and maybe ad another 10 ounces to that of Water per day.  I particularly like adding Fresh Limes or Lemons to my water and maybe adding a bit of Stevia for additional flavor if needed.  64 oz is the general belief but that really depends on your weight.  Start out EARLIER in the day.  Don’t wait until just before bedtime because you will have a restless nights sleep.  At the same time, start cutting back on Caffeinated Beverages.  Coffee and Sodas will depleted your needed hydration, not help.  Stop drinking Diet Drinks too as they only make you crave more sugar.  How many people you know that gain weight and drink diet soda.  It made me want to MUNCH which is usually naughty, refined sweets.  Remember, Stevia is a healthful alternative to Aspartame.

Keep watching for my ” Top Ten Recipes” that were amazing for me.  Also, continue to watch for new Constipation Remedies on how to get constipation relief and constipation treatments.  My best Home Remedies for Constipation and causes of constipation and chronic constipation.  I hope these constipation treatments and constipation remedies will work as good for you as they did me.  Remember to see your physician.  I am not a medical professional.  Just someone who found out how to help myself when no one else seemed to be able to give me constipation treatments that work

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