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I am an Independent Designer/Associate with Zazzle Personalizable Gifts and an Amazon Seller and Affilliate.  When you Click my Zazzle and Amazon Links, I will be earning a Commission.  You get the same great prices as you going directly to Zazzle and Amazon.   I really appreciate that you are choosing to do business with me.  Please feel free to Call Little Linda Pinda if you have Questions or need HELP.  For Special Order Requests, Personalized Gift and Help with Amazon Products: CALL 239-949-9090.

I am not currently a medical professional. My prior experience as an LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse should only be considered as an intense interest in helping people and not as medical advice. Little Linda Pinda,LLC recommends that you check with your Doctor(s) before implementing any of these tips. You may have a medical condition that would prevent or harm you if you use some of these remedies.

Little Linda Pinda, LLC is an Associate for Amazon and Zaazle and other programs. I receive a commission when you purchase products or services through my Links. Thank you so very much for visiting StopConstipaion.Net and I pray that your will glean great healthy and helpful information for you and your family. It also helps me to be able to continue to bring you yummy recipes and helpful information. Thank you.

The Stop Constipation suggestions, natural home remedies for adults worked for me. Please see your doctor to make sure the constipation is not caused by a more serious illness and ask them if you can incorporate any suggestions on this site. Chronic constipation can be a symptom of a more serious illness. Talk to your doctor before trying any of the tips or recipes as some may have an adverse reaction with your medications and or health conditions such as Diabetes (smoothies may contain too much natural sugar in the fruit, etc…)

God Bless You,
Linda Feucht
Little Linda Pinda



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