Earth’s Best Organic 1st Prunes (4 months Old and Up), 2.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12) – Stop Constipation for Babies

Earth’s Best Organic 1st Prunes (4 months Old and Up), 2.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12) – Stop Constipation for Babies

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Also read the reviews about this product below for Baby Constipation.

I have not studied nor tried this product to stop constipation for babies but I continually read questions from people who are desperately looking for results to Stop Constipation in babies. Baby Constipation should not be taken lightly. Hopefully you will have great results with this product as many others have. They love the fact that it is Organic too.

This must be an awful problem. Your precious little baby can’t tell you they are constipated or how they feel. You just know that their normal bowel movements have slowed down. I will do some studying on this to try to help.

I did however just discover this product to help to Stop Constipation for babies. Do SEE YOUR DOCTOR first before using any product to Stop Constipation for you babies or small children.

Reviews of Earths Best Organic Prunes

Kids Love it and Poops Nicely After!

Don’t buy Laxatives for your children if they ever get constipated, buy this instead. This is a great healthy way to stop constipation. Try mixing the prunes with their cereal or make a fruit compote even a drink for older children. You don’t have to add sugar. Your kids will really love it too.

Works for Constipation.

I didn’t want to give my 6 month old baby juice yet so I decided to buy this product instead. She has been constipated lately so I gave her a third of the jar at first along with her regular rice cereal and it really helped to stop constipation.

Organic baby food is expensive. My baby daughter really loves the organic prunes made specifically for babies. She also really bananas so I need to feed her the prunes too so she doesn’t get constipated. I stock up on these healthy baby foods.

Buy One Jar First

I gave this product 4 stars because
1) it’s organic
2) it passes the mother taste test- It actually tastes like dried prunes
3) there isn’t a whole lot of waste
4) it comes in a glass jar (yes there is BPA in the lid, but what can you do?)

The reason I say buy 1 first is because it turned up that my baby has an allergy to prunes (birch pollen allergy including most pit fruits). We didn’t find this out until giving her prunes and she broke out in hives and had pretty bad vomiting episode for the next 3 hours. So now I have 11 jars of prunes that I have to give to the closest Mother and Child shelter as opposed to being able to feed them to my child.

Note from Little Linda Pinda:
Make sure you consult your pediatrician, especially if the constipation is persistent. You need to take constipation very seriously. IF the constipation is due to diet, I believe prunes are a great way to help. I would start off with a smaller amount at first and work you way up to avoid diarrhea. But if your baby is acutely constipated, please see your doctor. Hopefully it is a simple diet issue but it could be an allergy problem or a medical condition as well. I would venture to say that most constipation is diet related but it is better to be safer.

Also, please note that some of the customers reviews noted that the lid contains BPA. (this article is older and hopefully that has been removed, but I don’t know either way).

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Don’t buy due to BPA in Lids

I absolutely LOVED Earths Best Organic Baby food…as did my baby. That is, until I read that Earths Best Organic Baby Food uses BPA in the sealing of their lids!!!! Why would a company who cares about organic, gluten free, kosher, and products free of being genetically modified think that it is okay to use BPA?!!? I called Earths Best Organic to verify this information and the person I spoke to agreed with me. (She said they are “looking into an alternative packaging”. I hope they change this quickly so I can buy this product again.

  • Made of organic prunes, ascorbic acid, and citric acid–the combination gently aids your babies digestion
  • Pack of twelve 2.5-ounce jars
  • Contains organic ingredients without harmful pesticides, free of GEIs, no added salt, modified starches, or refined sugars, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Excellent source of vitamin C
  • After your baby develops a tolerance for infant cereal, introduce this single ingredient pureed fruit
  • Earth?s Best is the first and only full line of organic baby food

Organic… Pure… Delicious – Give your baby a healthy start on life with Earth?s Best. Earth?s Best is the only full line of organic baby food and it is the first brand of baby food to be produced with NO Genetically Engineered Ingredients. Earth?s B

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