Eat Healthy – About my Mom’s Kidney Tests and How Following these Plans are Helping Her Lower Her Creatinine and BUN Levels

Eat Healthy – About my Mom’s Kidney Tests and How Drinking lots of Water is Helping Her to Lower her Creatinine and BUN Levels and how eating healthier in the past helped her iron level. Read her story below. Also read to help stop constipation.

I am really happy to say that my encouraging my Mom to eat healthier is helping her blood and urine tests and she is realizing now that when she ate what I prepared for her, her iron count was higher. Read how her doctor not only encouraged her but down right told her to “Listen to your daughter”. I can’t help but to admit to you that it not only felt good that her doctor agreed with my meal plans for her but most importantly that it helps my mom when she follows it. I hope these many, many articles will help you too, it sure has helped me to get healthier in more ways plus helped stop constipation.

Eating healthy will help you with other health problems or keep you healthier. My mom’s Kidney tests were in a rapid rise. I have been encouraging her to drink more fluids for years but it took a real scare to get her to finally drink about 64 ounces of water per day. Her doctor and I think that drinking the fluids were important in reducing her Creatinine and BUN levels. Prior to her elevated kidney test levels, the majority of her fluids were Coffee in the morning, a healthy fruit smoothie for lunch and Diet Caffeine Coke during the day and evening. I worry about Aspartame in Diet Sodas and Sugar Free Foods so I gave up Diet Coke in December 2009 and very proud of myself for sticking to it (with a few exceptions).

My mom was staying with me for a few months last Summer. She would eat Raw Nuts and Cranberries in the morning, Fruit Smoothie for Lunch and because I was preparing it for her, she would eat a nice Green Salad, lean meat and other Veggies for Dinner. Last Fall, she was not ANEMIC at all. Well, now that she has been back home, she recently gave up her morning Nuts, pretty much stopped drinking smoothies and would eat too many SIMPLE Carbohydrates and not enough vegetables for Dinner or all day for that matter.

As a result of not following the meal plan I have been encouraging her to eat, she is now quite ANEMIC. Her last Doctor appointment, I accompanied her and explained to the doctor how she has been eating ever since leaving my home last summer and mentioned to her doctor how I thought she should go back to the healthier eating.

The doctor told me to keep “Badgering” my mom on eating healthy and told my mom at least 6 times to listen to her daughter (me) on what to eat. I try not to Badger my mom but I try encourage her to eat healthy and I help her lay out an eating plan but it is hard to watch someone you love doing harm to themselves when you know how they should be eating. My mom is 80 years old and certainly does not want to be treated like a baby. I have to watch myself because she told the doctor I sound more like her mother being so concerned and letting her know what to eat to help her health. She is very independent and the hardest working 80 year old I know. so has been doing something right. I love my mom so much and I want her to live longer and healthier and just feel better.

Ever since my dad passed away in December 2008, my mom doesn’t prepare regular meals like she used to. We were raised to eat fairly healthy, I just don’t think we ate nearly enough fruits and vegetables. But now, to get my mom to take the time to make something healthy for herself when she is all alone is tougher. I do think this last health scare with her kidneys will get her to go back to our original daily plan. She now has a DIRECT correlation of her blood test while living with me for a few months and her recent bad eating habits. She did say she will try harder to eat healthy.

Here is a sample daily plan that I have mentioned on other articles on this site. Not only did I help to stop constipation in my life but I also lost 20 pounds. I personally could not eat much protein at first until I healed a deep fissure better. I do recommend getting your protein, but if you can not handle meat, beans is a great way to get protein.

Breakfast:1 Ounce of Raw Almonds and Walnuts &
1 Ounce of Dried Cranberries
Whole Grain Cereal with Skim Milk

1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese

My Delicious Fruit Smoothie
For Recipe See –

Cooked Carrots in Sugar Water – optional for those who are giving up lots of sugars, this is a really good alternative.

4 Ounces of Lean Meat (keep it simple. The less sauces and spices and prepared foods the better for your health)
2 Veggies such as Cauliflower and Broccoli
Large Dinner Plate of Fresh Spinach, Mixture of Fresh Veggies, Pickled Beets and 1/2 Cup Black Beans with a Lite Dressing or Flax Seed Dressing – see recipe at –

Berry Delicious Yogurt Dessert – see recipe –
Whole Grain Cereal and Skim Milk (if you are Gluten Sensitive, try a good Gluten Free Cereal)

Stop Constipation, Get Healthier, Have More Energy. There are so many advantages to eating a healthier diet. Yes, it should help many to stop constipation but I believe people would save so much money in the long run on health care too. Please take the time to read the many articles on how to Stop Constipation, delicious Recipes, about Hemorrhoids and Fissures etc…… on http://www.StopConstipation.Net

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