Question? Good ways to stop constipation?

Ok I’ve changed my diet so I’m eating right and I exercise regularly but I’m still constipated, are there any secret remedies you know to help?

Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day. Add 10 additional ounces when you are accutely constipated or drinking caffeinated products. See this post on Tasty Water:

Eat 9 to 10 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables. At least shoot for that and it will probably be more than you are eating now. Dried Prunes, better tasting than I thought, especially drizzled with fresh lemon juice. My fruit smoothie is really good, see it at:

Limit your protein if you are especially having difficulty and then slowly add protein back in until you are no longer constipated.

If eating grains, even whole grains seems to be a problem for you, try a Gluten Free Diet to see if that helps. It seems to help me to go gluten free or at least limit the amount of gluten I eat even though I don’t have Celiac’s Disease. Gluten also seems to make me really tired.

Look all around my blog because I have sooooo much valuable information and other great recipes. Don’t be fooled by the blogs name, it is really about eating healthy and helping people stop constipation too if that is a problem for them or hemorrhoids or fissure.

An easy way to add fiber to your diet is with Psyllium Fiber and Inulin Fiber. Please see this post for ideas to incorporate these 2 different fibers into your diet.

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