Heather’s Tummy Fiber CAN ~ Organic Acacia Senegal 16 oz. for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Sydrome? Try this quality Organic Acacia Senegal. This is made from a higher grade of Acacia Seyal for Bowel Motility, help with the pain caused by IBS and for Constipation and Diarrhea.

  • A Medical Food for the Dietary Management of IBS Symptoms. 100% Acacia Senegal, NOT low grade Acacia Seyal.
  • As part of the diet, helps regulate bowel motility to relieve IBS abdominal pain, diarrhea AND constipation.
  • A pure soluble fiber with a prebiotic effect that increases good gut flora. Slows colonic fermentation, decreasing gas and bloating.
  • Pure organic soluble fiber. No IBS triggers: no psyllium, no citric acid, no insoluble fiber, no artificial sweeteners. 100% acacia senegal, NOT low grade acacia seyal.
  • Natural, unhydrolized, no additives, colors, flavors, or sweeteners. No taste, odor, color, no grit. Never thickens. No choking risk. Dissolves in liquids or soft foods.

Product Description

Heather’s Tummy Fiber ~ Organic Acacia Senegal is a medical food for the dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. It is 100% acacia senegal, the highest grade available, and a natural, pure, organic, soluble dietary fiber produced from the gum of the Acacia tree. Clinical studies have shown that soluble fiber, as part of the diet: helps soothe and regulate bowel motility; relieves IBS abdominal pain and cramping by stabilizing intestinal contractions; alleviates BOTH diarrhea and constipation. Heather’s Tummy Fiber also: increases good gut flora – it’s considered a prebiotic; has excellent gastrointestinal tolerance; and slows down colonic fermentation, which in turn decreases gas and bloating. Heather’s Tummy Fiber is completely safe and healthy for daily, lifelong use, is safe for use in children, and has no GI irritants or stimulants. Soluble fiber will not compromise normal bowel function at all once it gets your IBS symptoms under control – it will simply keep things in that normal state. A soluble fiber supplement is meant to keep your GI tract running smoothly, comfortably, and pain-free on a day-to-day basis, now and forever. Heather’s Tummy Fiber is NOT a drug, it is NOT a laxative, it is NOT an anti-diarrheal medication. Acacia is simply an organic, prebiotic soluble fiber supplement with absolutely nothing else added, and it normalizes bowel function naturally in the same manner as soluble fiber foods. Certified organic by QAI, vegan, and certified kosher. Contains no gluten, sugar, salt, corn, soy, or yeast.

If Constipation from eating a poor diet and not due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you may want to see some of our other articles with great tips and recipes to help Stop Constipation. See your physician if your constipation is Chronic Constipation.

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