Hemorrhoids, Fissures, Diverticulitis – How Do I Prevent Getting These?

Anul Fissure

Avoid getting Hemorrhoids, Fissures, Diverticulitis and other terrible digestive disorders by instituting on a consistent basis, Deep Colored (actually most) Fruits and Vegetables, Green Leafy, Cruciferous Veggies, Legumes (All different Beans), Nuts (such as Almonds and Walnuts), Seeds, I LOVE Flaxseed, ground up freshly and add to Salad, Fruit Smoothies, Cereals, etc….   The nutrients in  these foods  are vital to a free flowing bowel.  They will add essential Fiber, Nutrients and Magnesium which helps with a healthy GI system. 

Papaya and Rhubarb have nutrients that are helpful.  Adding helpful Fats, such as Avocados, Flaxseed Oil and Nuts will also assist you in going to the bathroom.  Another remedy for chronic constipation is Dried Prunes.  To my surprise they tasted good and not awful like I assumed prunes would.  I think I equated them with dates which I despise.  Furthermore, eat what you like or learn to acquire a taste for something novel.  I’ve even resorted to swallowing oil a couple times to side step an looming constipation because I didn’t stick to the plan.

To circumvent getting Constipated, steer clear of Simple Refined Carbohydrates: White Flour, Breads, Sugar, Potatoes, Rice, etc…  Replace them with Whole Grains instead.  Brown Rice, Hearty Seedy Breads and Cereals.  The overall Health Benefits are Fabulous.  Do be careful with seeds if you suspect or have been diagnosed with Diverticulitis.  This critical dietary habits will prevail in a healthier, leaner you which also may help prevent other horrific diseases like Diabetes and in turn promote a healthier you.  Eating refined sugars will give you spikes in your blood sugars.  Don’t think you can live this way forever or even a determined amount of time.  It is not an advantage to your well being and eventually will deteriorate you physical condition.

Digesting 5 to 6 Lighter Meals a day is easier for your system to digest and helps to keep you from binging on the wrong food.  This also helped me loose Twenty Pounds.  Try not to eat in the late evening as this is tougher for your body to digest.  I must admit, I don’t follow this one for myself.  I have a light snack a bedtime.

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