Part 1 My Story on the Worst Constipation of my Life with Remedies for Constipation – Stop Constipation .Net

Part 1 of My Story on the Worst Constipation of my Life with Remedies for Constipation – Stop Constipation .Net

Doesn’t it seem like no one wants to talk about constipation except maybe Dr. Oz.   Why is that?  Well, I guess it is because people just are too embarrassed to talk about their bowels and problems with constipation or how to stop constipation.  I was and still am a little bit but I want to share with you my story so I can possibly help someone avoid or get help with Chronic Constipation.  I am not a medical professional and am sharing with you what I learned over a period of time on fabulous Home Remedies for Constipation.

Not only do I want to help people stop constipation, I want to give people some knowledge of healthy eating and give you great recipes that are fiber filled to stop constipation.  I went around pleading with doctors, chiropractors, natural foods people and even constipation experts on what I should eat for constipation relief.  If I ate just few bites of meat or even soy (along with my 1 ounce of raw nuts per day) was more than my body could handle after tearing my rectum (called a fissure due from the worst constipation of my life).  I didn’t even know what a fissure was.  I will write more about that on another day.  I thought I just had painful hemorrhoids from having the worst constipation of my life.  Read below to get an overview of what happened to me.

This was my situation.  I have a severe case of Seasonal Affective Disorder which for about 7 to 8 months a year slows my whole body down.  My blood pressure has gone as low as 75/45, with dizziness and heart pounding from mere movements like, difficulty climbing the stairs and getting out of breath, the simple act of waking up would make my heart pound.  Well guess what?  I think that when my whole body slows down to that degree, my bowels do too and as a consequence, this becomes a cause of constipation for me.  Now, it wasn’t bad enough to search for constipation relief or try drastic home remedies for constipation, I just needed to be aware to eat healthier and adding more fiber to my diet was one of my own home remedies for constipation.  That was usually all I needed to do to take care of my chronic constipation.  I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, brown and wild rice, what else do I need to do or not do to stop constipation.  To be continued.

Please read other postings on Hemorrhoid, Healthy Eating Tips for Family members, Recipes for constipation relief and other home remedies for constipation.  Bookmark this site into your favorites for new information almost daily.  I will also try to find great coupons for you.

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