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How can I relieve my chronic constipation?
Ever since I was born, I’ve always had a chronic constipation problem. I contribute lots of fiber in my diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, whole wheat breads and cereals, I take a mild laxative, and stool softener each morning to help. I also
chew fiber chews as well. I can sometimes go 14 days without a bowel movement, and it’s a very hard, dry stool which is usually quite painful to pass, what can I do that I haven’t already been doing to relieve these symptoms?

First off, no one should ever go 14 days without having a Bowel Movement and suffer from Chronic Constipation. You NEED to see a Colo-rectal Doctor, or also referred to as a Proctologist to help you with your constipation. I believe in striving to have a Bowel Movement Daily. I have heard however that 3 times a week is sufficient. Some natural-paths believe in 3 times per day. You need to figure out what is causing your chronic constipation first and foremost.

Taking Laxatives on a daily basis may stop your own body’s natural rhythym signaling your body to have a bowel movement. It can take 1 to 2 years to restore your body back to normal. Laxatives should only be used on an occasional basis, NEVER on a daily basis. On the few occassions that I do use a Laxative, I like this one because it is very gentle, no stomach cramps for me and it is natural.

As far as Stool Softeners go, my doctor told me they are not addictive and can be taken on a daily basis, I just prefer to use more natural ways to stop constipation such as eating more fruits, veggies, drinking plenty of fluids and adding natural fiber like psyllium fiber to your food. I am not sure I would count on stool softeners not being addicting. Discuss your best options with your doctor.

As I read your question, the first thing that came to my mind is “Do you have a GLUTEN INTOLERANCE or Gluten SENSITIVITY? You say you are eating lots of fiber, grains and whole wheat breads and cereals. I discovered after pleading with doctors, professionals, chiropractor, natural health people on how to eat to stop constipation so I could heal my deep fissure, I finally figured out that I needed to either eliminate totally or cut WAY back on Gluten to stop constipation in my life.

I was eating similar to how you are eating. Whole grains are usually good and healthy and an important part of our daily diet but some people, possibly 18,000,0000 to 20,000,000, are now thought to have a Gluten Intolerance or a Gluten Sensitivity.

My suggestion would be talk to your doctor about changing your diet and ask them if some of these suggestions would be appropriate for you. Some people have dietary needs that would prevent them from eating certain foods or quantities, such as diabetics would have to watch the amount of fruits etc… Discuss your particular needs and health conditions to see if a Gluten Free Diet would be something to try.

If you get the go ahead, I would suggest TOTALLY Eliminate ALL Gluten from your diet for a time period like a month or two. See if you get constipation relief. Write down how you feel each day and track your bowel movements. Continue to eat your Fruits and Veggies but eliminate whole wheat breads, cereals and anything containing Gluten. This can be a bit daunting for someone new to Gluten Free.

I looked into going Gluten Free by going on the internet and finding a comprehensive chart giving you ingredients that are Gluten Free or contain Gluten. I even looked up or emailed some of my favorite brands and seasonings. What I discovered for myself, when I was totally Gluten Free, I was not constipated but within a short time, approximately 1 week of slowly adding Gluten back into my diet, I became constipated once again.

Not many people really want to have to eat Gluten Free but if you learn to eat SIMPLE Foods, it is not as difficult as you would think. I lost 20 pounds because it forced me into eating even more Fruits and Vegetables because sometimes I just didn’t feel like looking up an ingredient and just ate the simple Gluten Free foods that I knew about.

One caution about Gluten Free, is you still need to get your fiber and many Gluten Free Foods are pretty devoid of fiber. I found it difficult to find a good cereal, bread, pasta and snacks at first so I just didn’t eat them much, thus turning more toward my trusty fruits and veggies, thus losing 20 pounds.

You need to also look at Protein. Soy Protein and meats can often times be one of the causes of constipation. I had to eliminate soy and meat totally for a certain period of time. I did however found that eating my 1 ounces of raw almonds and walnuts in the morning was tolerable to my body. We all need protein so I turned to BEANS.

You not only get your protein, but you also get needed fiber. To get constipation relief and still get protein in my diet, I chose to eat Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Garbanzo Beans, I even ate Bush’s Beans with my own added touches. (Please confirm for yourself if Bush’s Beans are Gluten Free).

After eliminating my protein powder from my smoothies, I then began to slowly add, starting out with 1 tsp and then up to my normal amount. I recently found this Fabulous Gluten Free Plant Protein Powder.

And as you will find all over this site, are you drinking enough WATER. Water will soften your stools giving you just another easy one of the many home remedies for constipation. Please look at this page for easy and tasty ways to make water so you will drink more.

I like to start my day with a tasty water treat and then continue the day SIPPING on plain water. It just gets me going on drinking. I used to start every day with a diet cola and have been diet soda free for over 1 1/2 years now, Yippee!!!!! I will only occasionally drink soda. I did cut out caffeine during my acute constipation period and now have a little in my morning hot cocoa just for a little pick me up.

Please take the time to look all over this site as there is tons of information on How to Stop Constipation. Start out with my 10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation (read all 3 parts). Look for yummy recipes such as my Tropical Fruit Smoothie and Salad Ideas.

I am not a doctor so please see a doctor soon and bring them some ideas you gleaned from this site.

God Bless your new found health,
Little Linda Pinda


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