Kids Healthy Eating Diet – How to Start ??? by Little Linda Pinda

How to Start Your Kids on Eating a Healthy Diet and Teach Kids to Eat Healthy by Little Linda Pinda on Stop Constipation .NET

Make it FUN!!! Getting your children involved in cooking and the excitement of their very own Creation will give them an added boost to want to eat the healthy food they just created.

Show Off to Your Friends – Kids will love to Show their Friends their new Healthy Creations and How they eat them and Love them. Make them Proud to Eat Healthy.

Be Hungry at Meal time. I would suggest holding off on snacks well before a meal. Start off with the Healthy Foods first while they are REALLY Hungry.

Add Flavors to the Healthy Foods to make it more tempting. This is how I started eating Broccoli and Cauliflower. My Aunt made a delicious Baked Cheese Cauliflower Dish and I was hooked forever. Then slowly use less and less of the less healthy ingredients. I even believe in adding sugar to healthy foods if this is what it takes to get them to start eating healthier foods. Then, slowly use less and less sugar and they will acquire the taste for this new food.

By deciding to start eating a healthy diet TODAY, (not only as constipation remedies), not tomorrow as many of us say, I believe you may overt other health problems such as Heart Disease, Pancreatic Issues, Cancers and more.  You will be helping your whole body in this new venture and at the same time stop constipation.  This will change your life and hopefully you will integrate this into your families regular practices as also constipation remedies.  Thirty something years ago, I felt very proud to serve my babies freshly pureed meats, fruits and vegetables. 

I didn’t even think of this as a way of constipation relief for them, because that was never a problem for them.  I started my kids eating whole fiber type cereals at only two years old for the general well-being and to continue to lead a life full of whole grains and fresh foods.  My daughters digestive system handled just fine right away and to this day she still eats fiber cereals with at least 9 grams or more of fiber. 

My son however, his digestive tract was a bit more sensitive and I notice the opposite of constipation, but diarrhea, that I had to carefully and slowly adjust his system to this high of fiber.  You just cut back until the bowel movements are consistent and not runny, that way you avoid constipation and diarrhea. 


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