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Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion & Peel System

Pros: Makes skin soft and smooth
Cons: I really can’t think of anything

I turned 30 this year and was looking for something to try to stop some of those little wrinkles from coming on so quickly. I also have incredibly dry skin that is somewhat sensitive. I was a little paranoid about trying a microdermabrasion product but kept hearing how great they were so I thought I would give it a shot. I have always had good luck with Olay products so thought I would try this one since it wasn’t terribly expensive and I had heard good things about it.

The product claims to resurface skin texture, activate surface cell renewal, condition skin to leave it feeling soft and smooth, improve skin tone, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

I found the product at Sam’s Club for $29.95 and that included two rounds of the microdermabrastion system, it was a very good deal. The kit came with two small tubs of microdermabrasion treatment with derma crystals and two bottles of peel activator serum. It is supposed to be used twice a week on clean dry skin. First the directions said to put the derma crystals on and massage on the face for 45 seconds to a minute, I usually do a whole minute. Then the serum is to be put on top of that and massaged for up to a minute which I do a full minute with the serum as well. The serum kind of dissolves the crystals. The crystals and the serum have a pleasant smell.

I have been using the product for about three weeks and I have to say that so far it is wonderful! The first time I used it, my face burned just a tiny bit when I put the daily regenerating serum on after the microdermabrasion, but since then it has been fine. I have also been using Olay deep hydration regenerating cream at night and UV defense regenerating lotion for day in conjunction with the microdermabrasion so that could also be affecting the end result.

My skin is very soft and it looks smoother. My skin tone is improved and I think it is helping to diminish some fine wrinkles that I have. For the most part, I think the product claims are true. I’m not sure about the cell regenerating part, I don’t know how a person would be able to tell if cells are regenerating or not. I also think that lotion soaks in better than it used to. I can’t believe how great the microdermabrasion works. I plan to make it a permanent part of my beauty routine. I would highly recommend it!

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