Kids Healthy Eating with SPORTS GOALS in Mind to get STRONG !!!

Kids Eating Healthy with SPORTS GOALS in Mind not to Stop Constipation, Just get STRONG!!!

Now in his twenties, my son, (not as constipation relief) but to keep himself in good physical shape, he also regularly makes for himself, fruit smoothies and eats whole grain breads (again, he doesn’t even think about chronic constipation or even the causes of constipation at his age).  He has been working out and health conscious since eight grade when he decided he wanted to get strong and be in great physical condition for football.  Not to brag too much, but he also broke the school record for bench press, I think it was close to 300 lbs ( I will have to verify this with him).   He weighed around 155 lb and around 5 ft 9 inches.

I was so proud of the regularity of his work-out.  Again, not for constipation relief or any type of remedies for constipation, he just wanted to be in the best physical condition to be competitive and he was amazingly strong and what a hard hitter in football.  He was my star and I am so proud also that both my kids eat healthy and their awareness.  This is about a pattern for their LIFE.  Tell your children about a young person you know that eats healthy and is a sports star.

My son, although not very large, was a starter on not only his high school football team but his college team as a freshman.  He also made the travel team.  He did continue to eat healthy throughout high school.  I am not sure how he ate in college because he was away at school.  Most kids don’t need constipation treatments but they may want to be strong for sports.  Use whatever reasoning will make sense to them.  Remember Popeye for us older generation.

I started my children on a life practice that they stayed with.  Sure, teenagers will wane from healthy eating for a season but hopefully, with gentle encouragement, they will return.  You know, I took my kids for a kitty cone and made swedish pancakes as a treat for supper.  That is OK at times, just give them the overall healthy eating pattern.  You don’t need to tell them this is to avoid getting constipated because for them it is not.  That is for us that deal with constant and annoying chronic constipation.

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