It started out as home remedies to Stop Constipation but I lost 20 pounds while treating my constipation by going on a Gluten Free Diet for many months.  Gluten Free can seems really tough to start but with all the new foods out there and the new popularity, it is getting easier and easier.  Even your typical grocery store will sell Gluten Free Products, often in the Natural Food Isle.  By eating a SIMPLE Diet of mostly fruits and vegetables, lean protein and lots of water you will not only see the weight drop off in a healthy slow stay off manner but you will have found the best constipation relief of your life for your life.   The best part is the Chronic Constipation Relief you will see may be gone for good.  See your doctor if constipation persists.

GET OFF Nasty ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS.  When you eliminate ASPARTAME, unhealthy sweeteners from your regimen, you will also notice you won’t crave the constant munching temptation and eating so many sweets.   Aspartame is known to be a diet killer just because you will crave more sweets.  Try getting off of sweets all together if you can and look at Fruits as a nice dessert.  Look below for simple yogurt dessert idea.  Try using STEVIA found in the sugar isle or the natural food isle by sweeteners.  It is actually good for you.  Be careful to use only small amounts and slowly add to taste.  Try to stop the CAFFEINE habit too as another of many constipation remedies you will hopefully be committed to at this time.  Caffeine only serves to deplete your body from the much needed liquids.  This will in turn cause constipation if you already are predisposed to getting constipated.   If you just can’t stop, at least cut back.  Drink about 1/2 your body weight of water or even more, especially if you are drinking coffee or sodas that are caffeinated.  Drinking lots of water is probably one of the best home remedies for constipation and chronic constipation you will find.

I found that if I totally eliminate ALL simple sugars from my routine for 3 days, I beat the sugar craving addiction.  It may be tough at first, but who can’t live without candy for 3 days then you won’t need it or want it.  I just have a feeling that eating sugar causes constipation.  I will have to do a study on this and get back to you later.

Start shopping the PERIMETER of the store, meaning Fresh Fruits, Vegetables (I also went dairy free for a couple of months).  I felt really proud when I stopped buying the High Concentrated Salty Preservative Filled Pre-Packaged Products.  EAT FRESH and EAT SIMPLE.  If you keep this in mind you will do well.  Think of the perimeter of the store as your constipation relief isle to stop constipation.  I really believe that one of the causes of chronic constipation today is people just don’t take the time to eat fruits and veggies like their body requires.  We are a processed food nation.  STOP Constipation now by eating lots of fiber and drink lots of liquids.

Most people think of Gluten Foods as Breads, Grains etc….  You will be surprised how many other products contain Gluten, even candy.   Watch out for Salad Dressings, Marinades, Spaghetti Sauces and many other prepackaged foods.  It will seem daunting at first but once you get used to it, you will find it is not so hard.  Going out to eat can be challenging but just ask the waitress or waiter.  Many restaurants are starting to offer it now with the demand becoming bigger and bigger.

Coming up, I will provide you with hints, recipes, cookbooks and hints on How to “GO GLUTEN FREE” and Loose those unwanted nasty pounds that have been hanging on for years.  You will look leaner, feel leaner and get a flatter stomach all while GETTING RID OF CONSTIPATION forever if you so choose (again, see your physician if constipation continues or bleeding occurs).  You can do it.  I did.

Keep watching for Causes of Constipation and Chronic Constipation, constipation relief, home remedies for constipation, remedies for constipation to once and for all get constipation relief.  WEEW!!!!!

Berry Delicious Yogurt Dessert Recipe

1 cup plain low fat yogurt

1 cup frozen berries (I prefer raspberries and blackberries for this dessert)

Droplets of Stevia to Taste (5 or 6 drops for me)

1 tsp sugar if you must

Mix together with spoon and let sit for 5 minute and Enjoy this healthy happy dessert.

Remember to see your physician as I am not a medical professional.  I am just letting you know what worked for me on how to stop constipation.  Everyone is different.

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