Lose Weight and Stop Constipation with this Simple and Healthy Plan

Lose Weight and Stop Constipation with this Simple and Healthy Plan

See How I Lost 20 Pounds – Change your Eating Habits for You and for Your Loved Ones

Losing Weight can actually be simple and healthy. With all the Weight Loss Fads out there how do you know which one to follow. Some Weight Loss Plans are Unhealthy and can actually cause constipation causing you more problems than the need to lose weight.

Low Carb Diet Plans can cause Constipation in some people

You may see early weight loss with Low Carbohydrate Diet Plans but are they the healthy and have long lasting weight loss results. I tried the South Beach Diet and found, for me, that it not only caused constipation but is very difficult to follow and to have to eliminate fruit or eat such a small amount of fruit in my opinion is not healthy.

I know people who went on really strict low carbohydrate diets and did indeed lose weight but when they went off the diet they quickly gained it back. I believe in a Long Term Healthy and Well Rounded Diet Plan. Most people need to have fruits and vegetables as a part of their regular diet plan (with the exception of health problems, consult with your physician as to a diet plan).

In the MANY years of going on diets, I found that the SIMPLE and Well Rounded Healthy Plans worked for me the best. I also found that especially in the beginning that Counting Calories can really help you to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth. You think twice about eating a brownie with 350 calories when you can eat a whole small healthy meal for the same amount of calories.

We hear it all the time but changing your life style and not calling it a thinking of it as a “Diet” but a New and Healthy way to live can be the beginning of changing your life forever and even the lives of your loved ones. When I started eating big plates of Healthy Green Leafy Vegetable Salads, my husband ended up eating that too. We would eat a Large Salad packed with not only Vegetables but Lean Protein, Eggs and or Nuts. In the beginning he would balk about what I made for dinner and now he even makes his own salads.

1200 to 1500 Calories a Day for Weight Loss

This will depend on your activity level and your beginning weight. As a rule of thumb, this amount of calories will usually help you begin your weight loss. Once you get the hang of a healthier lifestyle eating plan, you won’t need to count calories again unless you begin to gain weight. If you start gaining weight, just start counting calories again, it really works.

Here is a Sample of What works to help me lose weight without even counting calories and it helped to Stop Constipation.


Tea with Lemon, Honey Stevia
1 ounce Raw Nuts – Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts are some Suggestions
1/2 ounce Dried Cranberries


1/2 Cup Low Fat or Fat Free Cottage Cheese
Slice of Pineapple if desired


Fiber Packed Fruit Smoothie see recipe link below


Carrots – Raw or Cooked Unlimited amount of Vegetables any part of the day
Gently boil a 1 pound package of baby carrots in 2 quarts of water with 1/4 cup sugar and 1 tsp salt. You want the carrots to be a bit crisp and not over cooked and soft.
(I love snacking on Carrots that are slightly boiled in Sugar and Salt Water, this is better than candy and a way to help you get off of the candy and sugar habit)


4 Ounces Chicken
1 Cup Steamed Brocolli (don’t over cooke, keep a bit crisp to keep as much nutrition as possible)
1/2 Cup Brown and Wild Rice (flavor with dried onions, parsley and your favorite seasoning)

Evening Desert Snack

Yogurt Dessert
1/2 Fat Free PLAIN Yogurt
1/2 Cup Frozen Rasperries
1/2 tsp Vanilla
5 drops Stevia or to taste

Eat as many Vegetable as you like. (Please Limit high Carbohydrate Vegetables such as Peas, Corn, Potatoes etc…) Unlimited amount of Cruciferous Vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage etc…) will help you to lose weight without adding many calories.

Here are a few products that can help you to begin your Weight Loss Journey

Fiber Packed Fruit Smoothie Recipe Here:

Yogurt Dessert Recipe:

Little Linda Pinda’s Favorite Weight Loss Aids
These Products will Help you Keep Track of Your Weight Loss, Calories and Activity. Good Morning America just showed the Fit Bit Tracker today. It really motivates you to Walk more to help you Lose even more Weight.

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