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Lose Weight – Feel Great – Stop Constipation .Net
See Smoothie Recipe Links Below and Links to GREAT simple inexpensive Exercise weights and book


I lost 20 pounds without even trying to Lose Weight because of my constipation, I was forced into eating so healthy. For me, for a while, I had to cut out Meat and Soy to Stop Constipation because my deep fissure, would keep reripping or keep from healing. I do not recommend cutting out too much protein. I compensated with Beans and a small amount of Protein Powder and slowly added more and more protein back into my life. You need and want muscles to make it easier to Lose Weight.

Becomes Easy to Follow Once You Train Your Taste Buds

This plan is so easy to follow once you train yourself to eat healthier. I did not have to count calories or even go to meetings. (A long time ago, I lost weight at Weight Watchers which I think is a great program. Knowing I was held accountable and had to stand on the scale in front of someone really helped me.) This time I didn’t need that. I was so focused on healing that nasty fissure and stop constipationn that the I lost weight automatically. So why not follow this plan and lose weight without having Hemorrhoids or Fissures.

This site is filled with fantastic healthy eating advice to not only Stop Constipation but if you could also lose weight at the same time. I just don’t believe in Fad Diets. Some can make you constipated and even clog up your Arteries. I have tried so many diets and even the dreaded over the counter diet pills which some were in my opinion even dangerous. That is a whole story in itself.

This plan is a Basic “Eat Simple” Plan. Shop the perimeter of the store for most of your food: The Fruits and Vegetables, Lean Proteins, Diary Products etc…

1200 to 1500 Calories per Day to Lose Weight – Depending on Your Activity Level

To lose weight, depending on your size, for an average woman, eating about 1200 Calories per day would typically get results. If you are very active and exercise, you would want more calories. However, this time around I did not count calories but in the past, counting calories really helped. Remember, Slow and Steady Wins the Race. We all want to Lose Weight Quickly but often times you just gain it back. I’ve kept the majority of my weight loss off because I continued to eat healthy. When I put a few pounds back on, I CATCH before my Body gets used to the New “SET POINT”.

What is the “SET POINT”

I believe that when you lose weight and stay at a certain weight for about 6 Months, your body recaluates itself and settles into this new weight making it easier to stay around that weight as long as you are still eating healthy and not stuffing yourself. Your body just seems to hang around that weight (within a couple of pounds).

Keep reminding yourself that if you can keep off your NEW Weight Loss for at least 6 MONTHS, it should become easier.

To keep My Weight OFF and While Losing Weight, I Weigh Myself DAILY. This is what works for me because I know that if I ate Healthy and gained a pound over night, I KNOW I didn’t GAIN 1 POUND because I would have had to Eat 3500 Calories MORE than my 1200 to 1500 per day Calories. So don’t get discouraged. You may have just eaten something a little too Salty or Sweet. Both of which tend to hold onto WATER WEIGHT. This Weight Watcher Scale is GREAT. It is so Accurate. I check it with the Doctors Scale and EVERYTIME it is ACCURATE. Click here to Purchase or read more about this Scale.

If you are only going to eat 1200 calories, there just is not much room to eat junk food. (I just saw a magazine in the grocery store isle saying how she lost a huge amount of weight on a Junk Food Diet). Yes you can Lose Weight by eating only 1200 Calories of WHATEVER, but you won’t be healthy doing that. What kind of damage will you be doing to your body and what kind of lifestyle are you getting used to and maybe even exposing your family to. If you are only eating 1200 Calories per day, then ever bite of food really needs to count. Don’t waste it on junk, you NEED the proper nutrition to lose weight and be healthy. Don’t go below 1200 Calories a day because you will only lower your metabolism making it difficult to go back to a natural amount of calories, such as 1800 to 2000 calories.

3500 Calories out of your diet means 1 pound lost. You want to Lose Weight SLOWLY to KEEP IT OFF.
Don’t do Laxatives or Diuretics to Lose Weight. You DO NOT Lose Weight (FAT) with that. You are only pushing fecal material and water out of your body (yes weight but not fat) and besides, Laxatives can make your body dependent on them thus creating a problem when you want to have a Bowel Movement without Laxatives.

It does come down to CALORIES IN, CALORIES OUT. I could not exercise while I was losing all that weight because it put too much pressure on the fissure so the doctor told me not to exercise. I do recommend exercising to lose weight and be healthy but I will admit, I am not the best about that. Having more muscle, helps burn more calories even at rest. I also read that 1 inch of muscle weight equals 5 inches of fat. Think about that for a moment.

This is probably my favorite workout equipment because you don’t have to do anything more than just walk. These are 2 pound leg weights. You can also get the wrist weights to make your legs and arms stronger right while you are walking anyways.

Here is a book that looks similar to one I really got a lot of use out of for AT HOME Exercising. All I had was light 2- to 5 pound weights and a mat if you want (not necessary if you don’t mind the exercising on the carpet) Look at the fantastic reviews of this book on this link.


I HIGHLY recommend these light weights to get you started on a simple In Your Own Workout. The coating is so comfortable on your hands. Here is are the 3 pound weights. It does not seem like much but when you are doing a lot of repetitions, you will notice the weight and then work up to 5 pounds and so on.

I do however enjoy walking when I take the time to. You can do passive exercise at your desk. Sit and squeeze and hold various body muscles. At home, use your own body weight as an exercise tool.

As far as your food consumption for the day. In my opinion, you get a FREE Pass to eat all the vegetables you want. A great snack is boiled carrots that are still a little firm. I boil them in about 1/4 to 1/2 Cup Sugar depending how many you are cooking. I make a lot and put them handy in the refrigerator to just grab.

Try to eat 9 to 10 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per day. I know that is difficult to do so if you shoot for it you will probably eat more Fruits and Vegetables than you normally would.

I believe it would be a really good idea to give up simple sugars totally. When I do, in only 3 days of cravings it is all over and I don’t crave sugars anymore.

Play a mind game with yourself. Tell yourself that Fruit is your dessert. Slowly eat and enjoy every single bit. I replaced Ice Cream with Fruit Juice at night. I LOVE Ice Cream and could eat it every day but now it is just a snack we buy out once in a while. At night I would slowly sip and enjoy 100% Welsh’s Grape Juice, not Cocktail Juice, that has too much simple sugar. Well now, I pretty much stopped drinking juice as a bedtime treat because it made me too hyper for sleeping. But it was my railroad to giving up ice cream. You want to know how bad I was with Ice Cream. I remember once buying 5 Different Flavors. Yes, “5” and I am not kidding you. As a teenager I remember buying a Triple Decker and it was so tall it fell off. So if I can get off sweets, so can you.

What I did find REALLY hard but OH SO NECESSARY to Lose Weight and get healthy is cut WAY back on the Carbs. In my case, I used to say I could live on bread and mild alone. I love bread but even whole wheat bread for me is a problem. I believe I am Gluten Sensitive because I get constipated when I eat Gluten product.

Going Gluten Free should also help you to Lose Weight because you are often forced into eating more fruits and veggies because you just don’t want to bother to look up ingredients if they contain Gluten or not. I found my few products and then found myself grabbing the Fruits and Veggies instead of looking up the ingredients.

In the next article, I will share with you a typical day for me while I was losing weight. I will admit to you that I gained just a few of those pounds back because we went to weddings and had company and traveled more than usual. I found that when I ate like other people do, I gained weight and got constipated. So this plan really works. You need to make a lifestyle change if you want to keep it off and hopefully avoid health problems associated with obesity or weight gain. I started losing the weight again with the help of my beloved WATERMELON. I have it all cut up and handy and that is my SNACK which helps me say not to the Nasty foods.

Once you train your taste buds and your body to enjoy the Good Natural Foods, you will actually find yourself craving Fruits and Vegetables and wonderful Salads instead of junk food. Sometimes when I think of things I used to eat I cringe. I basically raised my kids on a decent diet of fruits and vegetables but not enough and we would have our splurges but I had spurts of aweful eating habits too. Lose Weight and be Happy doing it because it really is yummy.

I hope this helps, come back in a few days to see my Typical Day on how I ate to Lose Weight.

Watermelon Nectarine Smoothie Recipe for a snack, not a meal. It is not substantial enough for a meal. Really Refreshing and Delicious


1 small Nectarine Pitted with Skins On – 57 Calories
¾ Cup Watermelon – 31 Calories
½ Cup Orange Juice – 60 Calories
½ Cup Crushed Ice
5 Drops of Stevia to taste – 0 Calories
1 tsp Honey or Aquave (if needed) 22 Calories
For a Meal Replacement Smoothie for more Fiber and Protein:  Add 1/2 Scoop to 1 Scoop of High Protein Low Sugar Protein Powder

In Blender, Ninja or Magic Bullet, Blend all the ingredients until Smooth. For added nutrition, leave the skin on Nectarine but remove the Stone. If you need a sweeter smoothie, add 1 tsp of Honey.

1 Serving = 171 Calories with Honey or 149 Calories without Honey and without Protein Powder as they all vary in calories.

This Watermelon Strawberry Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss and Stop Constipation. This is so Delicious and Refreshing. Freeze Watermelon and Strawberries when in Season so you can drink this smoothie all year long.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe for a Meal (adjust Fiber as Needed to stop constipation) This is super delicious and healthy.

And of Course as I keep preaching all over this site, DRINK Lots of Water. Please look at this article for Tasty Water Hints and how much water to drink for your size.

Please take the time to read all over this site. You may even want to bookmark it as Your Favorite because I am regularly updating it and bringing you new and great recipes. http://www.StopConstipation.Net You can also Subscribe so you are alerted when there are new posts.

Enjoy the Natural Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables that our Lord gave to us. (just the other day I held up a LUSCIOUS Blackberry and said to my Mom, Look at what God Gave Us to Enjoy). Once you get used to eating Healthier, you will crave the healthy foods more and more. The junk won’t even look all that good anymore.

God Bless Your Weight Loss and a Healthy New You,
Little Linda Pinda

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