Metamucil Apple Crisp Fiber Wafers 12-packet – 9.3 oz package (Pack of 3) to STOP CONSTIPATION .Net

Metamucil Apple Crisp Fiber Wafers 12-packet – 9.3 oz package (Pack of 3) to Stop Constipation .net

I used to like keeping these handy in my car and home for a quick snack to help Stop Constipation. They however are NOT Gluten Free and if you are following a strict Gluten Free Diet, don’t eat these.

You can find these at Walgreens. Many pharmacy type of stores and Walmart may have them as well.

To Stop Constipation, it is very important to drink lots of water when taking fiber supplements and or eating high fiber products. If you take Psyllium Fiber or Inulin Fiber, such as Metamucil and Benefiber and you don’t drink enough water, it can actually cause you to become more constipated. Drinking at LEAST Half your Body Weight in Ounces of Water Every Day is a VERY important aspect on How to Stop Constipation and keep everything moving.

See my Tasty Water Hints article on some yummy Water Recipes to get yourself to drink more water. Please remember this is so very important to Stop Constipation but also very good for your general health and beauty. Keeping your skin hydrated is an important beauty tip too.

  • Great tasting and convenient way to get your natural fiber
  • Metamucil wafers come in individually wrapped doses
  • Metamucil is the #1 Doctor recommended fiber supplement
  • Treats occasional constipation and restores regularity
  • Delicious Apple Crisp flavor
  • Artificially flavored. No. 1 doctor recommended. You won’t believe how delightfully crisp & crunchy Metamucil Wafers are! They’re the convenient way to get the fiber you need. Wrapped individually in single servings to go

    After searching for a Delicious and High Fiber Bar that wasn’t too sweet, blah and not a ton of calories I finally found it.

    It is substantial enough to curb my cravings but not too sweet yet it is low in sugar because the only sweetener ingredient is Chicory Extract. No Sugar, Agave Nectar or artificial ingredients either just a nice gently sweet flavor.

    I eat right before my workout which is a perfect snack for me. After letting my friends also try this tasty Gluten Free High Fiber Bar by Oskri, I found out I was not the only one who appreciated this bar.

    I like it because it Taste Good, is Gluten Free and High Fiber and so Convenient to snack on. Really, really GOOD!!!

    Please contact me with any reviews or questions on How to Stop Constipation. I am not a doctor but learned so much on How to Stop Constipation in my life that now I am helping others to stop constipation in their lives. As always, see your doctor if you are suffering from chronic constipation as this could be caused by an underlying medical issue or certain medication. My tips are for constipation due to your diet. Let your doctor know what tips you plan on implementing to get their approval or not.

    See my diet tips and how to stop constipation tips ALL over this site.

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