Ongoing constipating help!!?

I have been experiencing constipation on and off for well over a year and a half nonstop. And right now I have been constipated for five days already. I have drank a lot of water and ate as much fiber as I can. But, I still can’t get it out. Can I get some kind of cancer from this? I’m 15 and I’m really scared. How can I end this?” I’ve tried asking my doctor about this on my yearly checkups. but, the doctor just said that i needed more fiber and water. He didn’t even tried checking my stomach. He just told me to eat more fiber. Are there anymore possible ways on how to stop constipation? I don’t want to use laxatives because I have used them a lot during this year already. I don’t want to become more reliant on them.

I am so sorry you are having so much difficulty with constipation. You sound wise beyond your years for realizing that over use of Laxatives can be more harmful that helpful as they can cause a dependency like you said. For me, I added lots and lots of fiber such as Cereals with 15 grams of Fiber and such and I found out that Fiber containing Gluten causes constipation for me. I must have a Gluten Sensitivity because it continually seems to be a problem. Also, for me, I found out that protein while I was acutely constipated caused me to become more constipated. You really need to keep trying different things to first eliminate for weeks or months and then slowly add them back into your diet to see if the constipation continues.

See if your parents would take you to a Colo Rectal Specialist. They specialize in this area and may be able to help you more. Keep going to a doctor until you find someone who will listen to your concerns. You know your own body.

God Bless You and I hope all will be well. Please read many, many pages on this site as there is so much information that I had to research from many different people and sources. There was not 1 person who came up with what worked for me. I had to BEG it out of so many professionals and just had to put it all together until I found out how to heal my own fissure due to terrible constipation from supplements my chiropractor gave me. You can read my 4 part story about the Worst Constipation of my Life, here, just click on the links below:

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