Part 3 of The Worst Constipation of My Life Causing a Deep Fissure – Stop Constipation .net

Part 3 of The Worst Constipation of My Life Causing a Deep Fissure – Stop Constipation .net – which caused a Deep Fissure and my Home Remedies for Constipation.

My Chiropractor was aware too that I struggle with chronic constipation in the winter months due to Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I am guessing it is because my blood pressure and everything in my system just seem to slow way down .  I later read that not only do you need to drink lots of water with Bentonite Clay to avoid getting constipated, some say to further avoid getting constipated, you should also take a laxative and not take it for more than 3 days in a row.  People have different variations on their recommendations.  Well, what happened is, I got so constipated that it seemed that no matter how well I ate the constipation was getting worse and I sought out constipation relief to no avail because I believe this Bentonite Clay causes constipation if not taken properly.

I began having bad pain in my rectal area and bleeding.  I thought like many of you may think that it was just Hemorrhoids from the constipation.  The difference was, I not only had bleeding, I would have rectal spasms for up to 10 hours a day.  I talked to my family about it and they told me to go to the doctor.  At first I thought people just don’t go to the doctor for just hemorrhoids unless they are really, really severe.  Lots of people get them and get constipated.

I also did research on the internet and discovered that my symptoms from the constipation sounded just like a fissure.  After about 30 days of taking all those natural type pills and vitamins, I started thinking the supplements might be to blame and I started investigating just what I was taking and inquired from the chiropractor just what the supplements contained.  I know I should have investigated and questioned that so much earlier.  Remember, I was very weak and not well, so investigating was not something I readily thought of right away and when you are that weak, sometimes you just listen to people you previously trusted for years.  After all, he successfully treated me for my neck and I was so grateful for that success.

I have learned so much through trial, pain and error that I will continue to share my successes with you to give you home remedies for constipation to finally get constipation relief.  Remember, these are my successes and you will need to find your home remedies for constipation that are successful for you.  Share your achievements with others.  I am not a medical professional and your causes of constipation could be something more serious so please see your physician for constipation remedies for your individual needs and a proper diagnosis.

Please bookmark as your favorite for further stories, constipation relief ideas, home remedies for constipation and fabulous easy recipes for constipation treatments.

Later, I will share with you more about Anal Fissures to help you determine if you might have a Fissure ( causes of constipation ).  But remember, see your doctor.

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