Part 4 of The Worst Constipation of My Life and The Absolute Best Constipation Remedies that I found – Stop Constipation .NET

Part 4 of The Worst Constipation of My Life and The Absolute Best Constipation Remedies that I found – Stop Constipation .NET

So to continue with the worst constipation of my life, believe this or not, the pain was so bad and the bleeding was aweful after being so constipated from all those supplement and finding out that I really needed to eat a certain way to stop constipation that I actually went to the hospital because all the doctors were closed on New Years Eve.  I gave up going to a family party and everything.  I was so embarrassed about it the I didn’t want anyone else to know about going to the hospital.

By now I felt quiet sure that it was a fissure.  The emergency room doctor probed up there with constipated stool still in me and said it was not a fissure.  I told the nurse that I really think it was because of the symptoms, bad spasms for many hours.  Rectal spasms alone are not necessarily a fissure, but bleeding and bad pain and spasms all at the same time could be.  The doctor didn’t think so but I think he should have examined me with a clear bowel because so much constipated stool I think hid it.

Well after a few more days, I call a Colorectal Physician and she examed me and said that I had a really deep fissure.  She said I described the pain perfectly.  I said it felt like someone was taking their sharp finger nail and scratching my rectum while defacating.  But the worst pain usually began a couple of hours after going to the bathroom.  That is when the bad spasms would begin and felt like it would never end.  It often lasted for 10 hours.  The doctor suggested that I have surgery but I was determined to heal it on my own, but with how severe the tear was, she felt I should give surgery some thought but she seemed OK that I try on my own for awhile.

The very first thing that I did was eat an all clear diet for only 3 days.  My doctor didn’t want me to do clear liquids because it could atrophy my rectal area but I didn’t think only 3 days could hurt.  I felt this gave the tear a break.  Now was many, many months of trying to figure out the solution to this painful constipation problem and I think one of the best home remedies for constipation is my famous (famous to me, my family and friends) Fruit Smoothies that I make in either my Vitamix or my Magic Bullet.  I absolutely love my Vitamix but for a much, much cheaper solution, you can use the Magic Bullet too.  See the left side of this web site for more information at the Amazon Link.  I love ordering from Amazon for free shipping and I have trusted them with my purchases for years.  More solutions in Part 5 of the Worst Constipation of My Life tomorrow.

The reason why I feel that my Fruit Smoothie is one of my many home remedies for constipation is because it is Quick using the Magic Bullet, Tasty (soooooo good) and I can hide the Fiber in really easy.  If you put the ingredients together in a small box in the refrigerator it makes it easier.  See my fruit smoothie recipes on another article.

Always see your own doctor constipation relief and constipation treatments as it is possible it could be more serious.  But for normal everyday constipation, I will let you know with more articles what home remedies for constipation worked to stop constipation for me.  See the links to your left for Excellent Fiber products and the fast easy Magic Bullet and more information and reviews.

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