Question? Best constipation treatment? on Stop Constipation by Little Linda Pinda

Question? Best constipation treatment? on Stop Constipation by Little Linda Pinda

ive heard of metamucils….but im looking for other options

Please see Little Linda Pinda’s 10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation Forever and Smoothie and Salad Recipes Link Below.

Psyllium Fiber and Inulin Fiber, both of which Metamucil and BeneFiber Brands provide are just one of the many ways to Stop Constipation. Another really important one that I just didn’t think of myself as a way to Stop Constipation is to drink lots and lots of fluids, preferrably water. You don’t want to count any caffeinated drinks (except maybe Green Tea) as part of your fluid intake because caffeine depletes your body of the necessary fluids you need to Stop Constipation.

The American Diet these days is filled with high fats, high carbohydrates and just plain ole not enough fruits and vegetables needed to keep your system moving. I think Constipation is almost an epidemic now days because of the we people eat. People from all over the world are viewing this site which shows that constipation is not only an American issue but an issue all over the world.

Eating plenty of Fruits and Vegetables take extra time and planning. Making a smoothie in the morning can be done in as little as 3 minutes if you have everything ready and at your finger tips. I give time saving tips on making smoothies on this site. I actually timed myself because I too get so busy. But think about it, how long does it take to go to a restaurant or even just make a sandwich. I find that my smoothies are one of my Best ways to Stop Constipation. It is incredible because you can HIDE all sorts of the Psyllium Fiber and Inulin Fiber in the smoothie and get so much benefit from it.

If simply changing your diet does not Stop Constipation, you may need to see a doctor. I recommend going to a Colo Rectal Physician.

It is also very important to Drink Plenty of Fluids. Ideally, you should drink Half your body weight in ounces of Water (non-caffeine, non sugar Fluids) plus 10 Ounces while you are acutely constipated. On a regular basis to avoid constipation, drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Most people suggest 64 ounces. I know it is not easy to start but at least begin by drinking more and more each week. You can either measure the amount in your Glass, Cup or Bottle or even have Cold Water in the Refrigerator in a Pitcher and when you finish the Pitcher, you are done. Remember that Caffeinated drinks deplete your body of the much needed fluids therefore could be considered to constipate you more. Help Stop Constipation by drinking more Fluids. Read our Tasty Water Hints to help you drink more. It helped me.

Be careful about using Laxatives too often. I reserve Stool Softeners and Laxatives for the Acute Stages of Constipation and or the occasional time that I just didn’t eat right, like at a party or going out to dinner. I try really hard to make these times rare because of the dependency probability with Laxatives. It can take you up to 1 year to get your system back to normal if you become dependent on Laxatives, so please use with caution. MiraLax MiraLAX Laxative, Original Prescription Strength, Powder for Solution, was recommended to me by my Colo Rectal Doctor.

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