Question by 14 year old? How can I prevent a Hemorrhoid when constipated and Stop Contipation?

Question by 14 year old? How can I prevent a Hemorrhoid when constipated and Stop Contipation?

I’m constipated, but I fear getting a hemorrhoid.
I am 14 years old, but I would like some reassurance.

I don’t have any signs of a Hemorrhoid, but does that still mean I can get a Hemorrhoid?
If my stool is soft, but very large, does this still cause hemorrhoids?

How can I stop constipation and Hemorrhoids ?

Good for you that you are aware of needing to avoid Hemorrhoids. When I was 14 years old I didn’t even think about Hemorrhoids.

Usually, if you eat way more Fruits and Vegetables than you would ever think and drink more Water, not soda or juices, but Water, than this typically will stop constipation which in turn will usually help you to avoid Hemorrhoids. Here are some really good tasting water recipes to get yourself to drink more water –

It is a good sign that your stools are soft. I tend to be more concerned about Hard Lumpy Stools. Never avoid going to the bathroom and holding back on having a bowel movement as this will make your stools harder. When fecal material sits in our bowel, colon, the water is sucked out of the stool. This makes them harder. Sometimes when people get constipated and are afraid to have a bowel movement, they hold in the stools. This only makes matters WORSE.

Fruit Smoothies and Salads to Avoid Hemorrhoids

I have really great tasting Fruit Smoothies Recipes on this site along with tips on how to stop constipation.

I am so glad that you are looking for the answers because this probably means that you will be eating healthier and hopefully start a healthy eating pattern for the rest of your life. http://StopConstipation.Net has become a Healthy Eating Guide along with How to Stop Constipation. Please take time to read all over this site as I think this will help you for the rest of your life.

Remember, you are not only going to help yourself to avoid constipation, you will maybe even save yourself from getting deep Fissure (tiny but very painful tear in the rectal area), Hemorrhoids which could be permanent weakened areas in the rectum or worse yet, obstruction of the bowels. You are a very wise person at your age.

Thank you for your question and I hope it will help you and many others,
Little Linda Pinda

Here are the basic 10 Steps to Stop Constipation for constipation due to poor eating habits.

10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

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