Question? Can being constipated make you urinate more frequently? on Stop Constipation by Little Linda Pinda

Whenever I am constipated, I have to urinate extremely often. Does this have anything to do with being constipated? How can I help the urination problem.

It would make sense to me that the extra fecal material building up in the colon from being constipated, would put added pressure on your bladder thus making you feel as though you need to urinate more often. If the urine frequency persists after you feel that you have sufficiently emptied your bowels, then I think you should see a physician or if your constipation persists, you need to see a physician.

You need to Stop Constipation first and hopefully this site will help you. I think it would be really beneficial for you to read some of my articles on How to Stop Constipation when it is caused by simple eating habits. I just don’t think people realize just how badly they are eating. I wrote extensively about what worked for me and I shared it with the public so they can get help to also STOP CONSTIPATION.

I don’t want to bore our regular readers by repeating the information so I will provide you with some really helpful links to quickly find tips that may help you. Remember, constipation can cause more problems that you will have to deal with such as Hemorrhoids, painful bleeding Fissure or worse yet, bowel blockage. Please take care of yourself. Eat Healthy and you may even notice your overall health improving. I lost 20 pounds on my venture to heal my deep painful fissure but I was so glad when I finally figured out what worked for me. We are all not the same but the tips I share should help a lot of people suffering from constipation.

10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Lose Weight Feel Great and STOP CONSTIPATION

Please read my disclaimer because I am not a doctor but researched and questioned many, many health professionals to finally put together a plan that worked to Stop Constipation in my life and Heal my deep painful fissure. I was so frustrated trying to get someone to tell me how to eat and no one person could. I needed to do the trial and error. That was really hard because I kept re-ripping my fissure and felt I was going to need surgery because nothing seemed to work until I came up with the plan I laid out ALL over the place on this site. I am sorry that I don’t have a more professional, organized site to make it easy for you to search. I hope you can weed through all the information to find a plan that will stop constipation in your life. Please see your physician to determine causes of constipation for you and their recommendations or ask if my plan will stop constipation for you.

God Bless Your Health and Pass on the Helpful information to someone you love. This is just Good Healthy Eating Habits.

Little Linda Pinda

Note from Little Linda Pinda,
Another reason to Stop Constipation is to Avoid Fissures. By getting a Fissure, you are also adding the possibility of urinate dribbling or some loss of control of your urinating. Causing this trauma to the anus can cause this too so please do whatever it takes to stop constipation before Hemorrhoids or Fissures develop causing more grief in your life.

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God Bless and Bless your new Venture in a Healthier You,
Little Linda Pinda

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