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Question on Constipation after Quiting Smoking?

My friend quit smoking about three months back . although the cravings have gone, she still suffer from constipation. she eats tons of veggies and multi grain stuff. the doc advised her juice which she has. any solutions? specially one which helps her download in the nest 2 hours (no prune juice available, no Castor oil either)

First off, I am not a medical professional. This is information I either gathered in all the researching that I did to help Stop Constipation in my life or that I experience for myself.

When I experienced the Worst Constipation of my Life from Supplements given to me by my Chiropractor without sufficient instructions, I was told to drink Citrate Magnesium and that I would be able to have a bowel movement. I was also given an enema I was told it would work in about 30 minutes but the 2 treatments together actually took about 2 hours.

I do not recommend Laxatives and Enemas to be used on a regular basis as your body can become dependent on them but for the few times it is the only way to avoid severe constipation, then she may need to talk to her doctor about going this route. She should try to find out how she needs to eat to avoid constipation all together.

To the average person, it sounds like she is eating the proper foods to avoid constipation, but this may not be the case for your friend. It seemed like I was eating the PERFECT Diet to Stop Constipation only to find out, months later, that Gluten seemed to be one of the causes of constipation for me. Even if I ate Whole Wheat Grainy Bread, I would be constipated.

For a while, until my Deep Fissure Healed, I had to even cut way back on Protein. Not a good idea but for me it was necessary if I wanted to avoid the recommended Fissure Surgery.

Here is a really Basic Plan that she can talk to her doctor about implementing:

Drink Half your Body Weight in OUNCES (plus 10 Ounces during acute constipation) of Water Daily

Eat 9 to 10 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per Day. (Drinking my Fruit Smoothies with Extra Fiber is a GREAT way to Avoid Constipation)

Add Extra Psyllium Fiber or Inulin Fiber to your regular Foods and Drinks. Start out slowly and work your way up.

Regarding Gluten:
You may need to try a Gluten Free Diet for a month or Two to see if you are Gluten Intolerant or Gluten Sensitive. If this helps, talk to your doctor about either staying on a Gluten Free Diet or just limiting Gluten in your Diet.


If you eat Gluten Products, such as Breads and Cereals, then make sure you only eat Valuable High Fiber Foods (many foods such as, seasonings and sauces contain gluten so you need to research Gluten Free Foods) Most people should eliminate Refined Simple Carbohydrates from their Diet all together. Foods to avoid would be White Flour products, such as White Bread, Cereals etc, White Rice. Instead eat Whole Grain Brown and Wild Rice and Whole Grain Breads if you can eat Gluten.

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