Question? Food to eat to stop constipation?

What are some foods to add to my diet to stop constipation?


Please take the time to read all over this site. It is filled with valuable information on how to stop constipation. In a quick nutshell.

1. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily. See post on drinking water tips.

2. Eat 9 to 10 Fruits and Vegetables per day. At least shoot for that and I bet it will be more than you are eating now. You can get 2 to 3 servings of fruit by just drinking my awesome smoothies. See one of my recipes here and look for other recipes on this site:

3. Try going Gluten Free. For some reason, Gluten seems to constipated me. It also helped me to loose 20 pounds putting all these ideas to work. When you go Gluten Free, you naturally gravitate toward the healthy natural foods because it can be difficult to find good tasting gluten free foods. I will do an article an Gluten Free and share some of the good ones that I found.

4. Try limiting the amount of protein for a time. Replace meat with raw almonds and walnuts and eat beans if protein gets you constipated.

5. See a Colo Rectal doctor if your constipation continues despite eating healthy. Constipation can be a more serious condition but I be most people that are constipated can use these home remedies for constipation successfully.

I hope this helps and God Bless your efforts.
Little Linda Pinda

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