Question? Have anybody tried “Hemorrhoids Miracle”, natural way to cure hemorrhoids? Stop Constipation

Question and Reviews on H Miracle Click Here! and Other Natural Home Remedies for Constipation

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I’m suffering from internal hemorrhoids, and I was browsing online for natural remedies for them. I found website which sells Natural method to cure hemorrhoids, “H Miracle” Click Here! . Has anyone ever tried this H Miracle and had success with it. Please let me know what you think of this method? Thanks you for your opinion

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H Miracle Cure Click Here! states that the product: is One Hundred Percentage Natural and is guaranteed to work or they will return your money. They also go on to say that it has been proven to be a very effective cure for many people who have suffered from Hemorrhoids and that conventional medicinal treatments only treat the symptoms and not the illness and doesn’t address and solve the root cause of the problem.

They state that the advantage of a natural hemorrhoid cure is that it is typically holistic and considers many factors that initially contribute to the external and internal hemorrhoid and then help you solve the original or continuing problem.

H Miracle believes that peoples diet is a big reasons why many people suffer from hemorrhoids. The American Diet is filled with Simple Starches, fats and foods that cause problems with our digestion system. Topical Creams and Ointments are usually just a temporary cure and these creams and ointments can be purchased at pharmacies and drug stores, but again, it is usually only temporary relief.

Some people even experience pain or burning around the affected area and they don’t like the method of applying them. You often have to insert an applicator into the anal area or the Internal Hemorrhoids. These ointments are generally not considered a long term cure or solution for hemorrhoids.

From HMiracle: Click Here!
Herbs have long been used for hemorrhoids, but since there is no profit from things you cannot patent, most major companies ignore them Hemorrhoids, or piles, are characterized by annoying symptoms of pain and inflammation, which can fill one’s life with misery.

A number of prescription and over the counter hemorrhoids medications help address the symptoms of the condition. But many people also use special herbs that have been used for centuries to treat hemorrhoids. Following is a brief description of the more popular herbs for hemorrhoids that are used today.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most famous herbs for hemorrhoids. Due to its anti-inflammatory and laxative properties, Aloe vera has traditionally been used in the relief of Hemorrhoids. In addition, it contains important nutrients that boost the immune system and enable the body to cope with pain and inflammation.

Aloe Vera is mostly used in gel form, applied topically, or as juice for drinking. It is important to remember that Aloe Vera should not be used by pregnant women and people suffering from diarrhea.
Butcher’s Broom Of the widely used herbs for hemorrhoids, butcher’s broom is particularly known for its cleansing properties. Like Aloe vera, butcher’s broom belongs to the Lily family of plants.
It reduces urine retention and also helps reduce the swelling associated with hemorrhoids. Butcher’s broom is available in the form of tablets, capsules and creams.


Horsetail has been one of the more popular hemorrhoid treatments, known for its high silicon content, which is an important constituent of collagen – the ‘healing glue’ of body tissues. Besides hemorrhoids, horsetail is used for treating a number of other health conditions like arthritis, incontinence, and osteoporosis etc.

For Hemorrhoids:

For hemorrhoids, tea or tincture made of horsetail is used as a natural medicine. Pregnant and nursing women, small children, patients of prostate cancer, and those suffering from cardiovascular problems should not use horsetail.
Among the effective herbs for hemorrhoids, dandelion has the unique ability to increase the production of bile and relieve painful hemorrhoids symptoms. Dandelion tonic is also used for maintaining the health and function of the gallbladder.

Psyllium Seeds

Psyllium seeds are obtained from the plantain plant which grows widely across the world. Due to their laxative character, Psyllium seeds are listed among the popular herbs for hemorrhoids. They maintain proper digestion and ease the passing of stool, thus relieving the pain and annoyance experienced by patients of hemorrhoids during defecation. While using Psyllium, it is helpful to drink plenty of fresh water in order to prevent intestinal blockage.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is one of the most widely known herbs for hemorrhoids and several other diseases. Being an astringent, St. John’s wort is useful in shrinking hemorrhoids, thus working to reduce their swelling and associated pain, burning, and itching. St. John’s wort is used both topically – externally and internally.

Chinese Herb to Stop Constipation and Natural Remedies to Stop Constipation

I have found Chinese herb formulations quite effective in treating hemorrhoid symptoms. It is now easy to find these herbs, since there are Chinese herb store in most cities. If not, it is easy to go to the Internet and find what you need.

Herbs in Pill Form

These herbs usually come in pill form; but you can also get storeowners to mix you a formulation of dried herbs by simply telling them what ailment you are trying to treat. Most herbal stores usually have an acupuncturist that can diagnose your problem and prescribe a precise herbal combination. Chinese chemicals that are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, increase blood circulation, and lift Chi. Chi is the life force that powers all body and mind functions. When checking these Chinese formulations just make sure the manufacturers note that they are low in heavy metals.

FARGELIN – HUA ZHI LING WAN (hemorrhoid pills)

contains the following herbs: San-Qi Ginseng Root, Baikal Skullcap Root, Sophora Flower, Callicarpa Leaf, Amber, Burnet-Bloodwort Root, Pig Gallbladder, Corydalis Root and Stem. Fargelin promotes anal health and should not be used if you are pregnant.

Another herbal combination is HUAI JIAO WAN.

It helps shrinks, reduces pain, and stops hemorrhoid bleeding. It contains the following herbs: Sophora japonica fruit, Sanguisorba officinalis root, Scutellaria baicalensis root, Citrus aurantium fruit-ripe, Ledebouriella divaricata root, Angelica sinensis root.

A third Chinese herbal hemorrhoid remedy is JING WAN HUNG or Ching Wan Huang (ointment.) It relieves hemorrhoid pain, burning, and itching. It contains the following herbs: Lobelia 27.5%, Myrrh 17.5%, Tang-kuei 12%, Borneol 12%, Sanguisorba 8.5%, Chaenomeles 8.5%, Frankincense 8.5%, Carthamus 8.5%, Pistacia. You can buy any one of these combination at: Use these herbal combinations for only a week.

If you don’t see any improvement, stop using them and see your medical practitioner. Because there are many manufacturers of these herbal combination there will be variations in the ingredients and quality. Buy only from those companies that guarantee the quality of their product. Click Here!

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