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How can I explain Hemorrhoids to my friends at school?
If anyone has ever had Hemorrhoids, you know that it’s obvious that someone is in pain, especially while sitting (I can’t stay sitting for more than 5 minutes!)

I just went to the Emergency Room, and it’s a pretty bad case. I’m taking care of it, but in the meantime, I want to get out of school without everyone knowing I have hemorrhoids (for obvious reasons). Any way I could explain my absence and my pain to them? (I’m basically asking for a cover story, here.

I don’t mean to offend you but I don’t lie nor do I condone lying so I could not go along with you giving a cover story to your friends. With that said, I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from about being embarrassed to tell your friends that you have Hemorrhoids. This was even difficult for me and now look at me, I am talking to the world about Hemorrhoids, Fissures and How to Stop Constipation. I had to slowly work my way up to even telling my brothers and sister-in-laws because I was embarrassed that I went to the hospital for what I thought was Hemorrhoids and turned out to be a very deep Fissure (small but painful tear in the rectal area) See this page on this site for more of an explanation of a fissure –

I would recommend one of two things to say. Either just say “I don’t want to talk about it” because you have the right to privacy. Constipation is not an easy subject to talk about with just anyone. This is difficult for me to do because I am such an “Open Book” when I really don’t have to be but that is just me. OR, you can decide to share it with your really good friends that you feel you can trust not to tease you or spread the word around. I would at that point be prepared to help them in case this ever happens to them. Many, many people get constipated and develop Hemorrhoids, it is just difficult to talk about.

Please read all over this site to learn how to eat or not eat and hints about drinking water. You could look at this nasty situation happening to you now could be turned into a blessing in disguise because while you are young, you can turn your life around and start eating healthier. You will have more energy, stop constipation, look and feel better. You most likely will not have as much acne too when you eat healthy. Learning to stop constipation early on will also help you to hopefully prevent further health issues down the road such as heart disease, diabetes, fissures and colon blockages.

To give yourself relief, try sitting in a warm Epson salt bath 2 to 3 times a day, especially after having a bowel movement.

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I hope this helps and maybe you will be helping others too someday. Good luck to you.
Little Linda Pinda

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