Question? How to stop constipation from whey protein? on Stop Constipation .NET

Question from someone struggling with constipation caused from Whey Protein, they suspect?

Im taking GNC’s Pro Performance Whey Protein, and its making me constipated, is there any solution, or is the only way to stop it to cut of the whey protein on STOP CONSTIPATION .NET

This is a very interesting Question because I too was and am putting in Protein Powder into my daily Smoothie Recipes to get a fuller feeling after drinking my Fruit Smoothies, to increase my Protein in-take to help build muscles naturally. I did however, find out during my Acute Stages of the Deep Painful Fissure (see article on this site for more details on Anal Fissures –
I needed to cut WAY back on my Protein in-take to Stop Constipation. I continued to eat my daily Raw Almonds, Walnuts and dried Cranberries each morning but I went from 1 Scoop of Protein Powder to 1 tsp of Powder Powder or even none for a period of time. I slowly increased the amount of the Protein Powder to see if I could still Stop Constipation because at the time, it was the most important thing to do was to Stop Constipation to heal the Fissure and Hemorrhoids that occurred due to some supplements my Chiropractor sold me.

Is Whey the problem for you? If so, try using a Vegetable Based Protein Powder.

Personally, I like the protein powders that have very little to no flavor because my Smoothie Recipes are so very Delicious, I don’t want to affect the yummy flavor. I do like protein powders because of the ease of use to just dump them into my Smoothie Recipes.

Sometimes a plain Smoothie can make you hungry too quickly where as adding protein powder will hold you over longer. I think getting some protein at each of your 3 main meals is good for you. Women often don’t consider keeping up our muscle strength by exercising and eating enough Protein.

I really like this Vegetable Protein Powder because of the Protein Content and no detectable Flavor to me:

To Stop Constipation, remember to eat more Fruits and Vegetables than you would think necessary. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day but ideally, Half your body weight in Ounces and plus 10 ounces if you are suffering from constipation. Try different approaches to eating to see what helps you or hurts you. I found that even eating Soy Protein Crisps was one of the causes of constipation for me.

I cut way back on protein in-take, went Gluten Free for some months and drank and drank lots of water and ate lots of Fruits and Vegetables. Try cutting out 1 type of food at a time for a couple of weeks and slowly add it back to your diet to see how it affects you.

I am able to eat a small amount of Gluten but I will have constipation problems if I eat too much Gluten. I basically gave up regular Whole Wheat Bread and eat it on an occasion now. I LOVE Whole Wheat Bread too but I no longer crave it like I used too.

As I Always suggest, please see your Doctor if you can not Stop Constipation. There are too many consequences to continuing to be constipation. You NEED to find out what is the causes of constipation in your life. It may only be that you are not eating or drinking the proper food or medications you are taking or a medical condition that needs to be seen by a doctor.

Hopefully this will help you to also Stop Constipation and get Healthier. God Bless You,
Little Linda Pinda

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One of my Favorite Fruit Smoothie Recipes and One of My Best Ways to Stop Constipation for me:

Remember, to Stop Constipation may be to also Lose Weight because you are eating healthier, get healthier, help prevent so many nasty diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancers, etc…. Please Eat Healthy. I am distraught when people I love would rather take Prescription Medications than to eat healthy. That is mind boggling to me.

For great Skin Care Tips and Reviews of many Oil of Olay products and more Smoothie Recipes, please see our other site at

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