Question? Just started a diet and now i’m constipated what should i do? Stop Constipation

I just started the south beach diet and i’ve been constipated for about a week. Anybody experienced this before or have any helpful natural ways to help.

Please stop this diet immediately. Yes, I did experience this myself on the South Beach Diet. It is because you are not allowed to eat Fruits or Grains. Both or which can help to ease Constipation. I feel God gave us wonderful Fruits and Grains to enjoy and eat. The South Beach diet is similar to the Atkins Diet. Both limit severely if not totally all fruits for a certain amount of time. You need the fiber that fruits and grains give you. I personally get constipated when I eat too much Wheat, Gluten products so I limit that in my diet but if you don’t get constipated on Gluten or Wheat Products, than eating whole grains can be good for you.

Being constipated can lead to more uncomfortable health issues for you such as developing Hemorrhoids or even a Fissure (tiny but often painful tear in the rectal area which can take months to heal if at all). An even worse constipation scenario would be if you would need surgery due to severe constipation. Please eat plenty of Fruits and Vegetables and a moderate amount of whole grains if you can tolerate grains.

As I always mention, I am not a doctor or a nutritional expert. I am someone who suffered from the consequences of constipation and no one seemed to be able to give me the right answers on how to stop constipation. After tons of research I finally found what worked for me and I share this all over this site to help you too. You will love the healthy eating tips to stop constipation and the really great Smoothie Recipes too that are packed with fiber for Constipation relief.

Little Linda Pinda

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