Question? on Stop Constipation .Net How long will my friend be constipated for?

Question? on Stop Constipation .Net  How long will my friend be constipated for?

My Friend went on a diet since christmas and Lost 2 stone.

he had only been eating Fish,Celary and nuts!
And he has now been constipated for the past 4 days!

how long till it will go away?

In my humble opinion and from what I have experienced, eating too much protein and not enough Fruits, Vegetables, Fiber and Water will keep your friend Constipated until he or she stops this diet.  I get tempted to say ridiculous diet, but I too tried so many different diets to lose weight so I shouldn’t be so judgmental on their choice.  I learned that each time I went on a Low Carbohydrate Diet, that I became constipated

It ended up going even further for me because when I was severely constipated due to supplements sold to me by my Chiropractor, I could not even eat the normal amount of Protein a person really needs to keep your muscles strong and healthy.

How long it will take to go away will be a matter of your friends individual body.  For me, in only a day or two of getting back on track after not eating totally correct, I will see the difference.  At first, when I was still learning how to eat for my body to not be constipated, it took me months to figure out how I needed to eat.  My deep Fissure would start to heal and then rip, heal and rip. It was so distressing, I didn’t know where to turn or how to eat. I literally begged for help.

I wondered why doctors, health professionals, constipation experts didn’t have the total 1 answer that worked for me. After doing so much research and putting all the different advice together, I figured out how to stop constipation in my life. It worked and I am so grateful that I wanted to share this with the world. This is why I am passionate about helping others to not go through the learning curve I had to take. 

Several of my articles lay out different plans that should work for most people with constipation caused from a poor diet.  Your friend may need to go to their doctor to make sure the constipation is not caused by something more serious but from your description on how they eat, I think many people would become constipated

I bet if you polled people who go on low carb diets, you would hear about their constipation problems.  God didn’t make our bodies to eat like that.  He gave us luscious fruits, vegetables and whole grains to enjoy.

Please encourage your friend to eat a well rounded diet.  9 to 10 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per Day is a Recommended amount by many people involved in healthy eating.  I feel if a person shoots for that amount and they at least way increase what they are eating now, anything will help.  You WILL find out what your body needs.  It is good to have a Bowel Movement 1 to 3 times per day. 

Some can get by with less but I really think having a bowel movement daily is best.  If it is difficult to go, you need to add more water, fruits and vegetables and or Fiber.  Please read my article on Inulin Fiber vs Psyllium Fiber –

Adding Metamucil to your daily Drinks and or Foods is such an Easy way to increase your Fiber intake and Stop Constipation.  Please tell your friend about this Site as they will find incredible information that should help them to Stop Constipation and get healthier.  Even Lose Weight if they so desire. 

I lost 20 pounds in my effort to Stop Constipation without trying to lose weight.  As an added benefit, I lost 20 pounds and I have articles on to help those of you who also want to lose weight beside the need to Stop Constipation.

Thanks for your concern for your friend and encourage him or her to see a doctor.  That is true friendship when you can share something so personal but so important with each other.  Constipation is not an easy subject to share with people. You are a TRUE FRIEND.

Little Linda Pinda

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Here is Part 1 of a series of Articles and Research I am doing on Urinary Frequency, Urine Leakage and Urinary Incontinence and how it also can relate to Constipation but to many other illnesses or daily habits: I think you will gain so much insight from ALL 4 Parts. I will be posting the articles each day.

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Besides the Psyllium Fiber vs Inulin Fiber article, please also look at the 10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation Forever

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