Question? Vinegar and Digestion? A note on Yeast Infections and Candida Cure Information on Stop Constipation .Net

Is vinegar good for one’s digestion process as in taking a lid or two after any meal and also does it help to reduce or stop constipation?

Sorry, but I did not research the impact of vinegar on constipation.  What I can tell you is that Vinegar can be a FEAST for Candida which can be one of the causes of your yeast infections and other health issues.  I love vinegar, but when I do a Candida Cleanse, I have to totally stop using any vinegar which I hate to do because that is in my favorite Salad Dressing Recipe.  See this really yummy recipe here:

I do want to caution you that many Candida Cures can be one of the causes of constipation because they do not allow any fruits in your diet. You would need to really up the intake of vegetables to make-up for this so you do not get constipated but you still may. That was tough for me but doing a cleanse in a couple of different ways ended some rashes I was getting. Some felt they were caused by candida, I see a correlation with my dust mite allergy. This is a really popular program but I did not try this one but I know I could even feel the “Candida Dump” as my body was releasing the candida. Let me know if you are helped by it. Many fantastic success stories to read here > Click Here!

I hope this helps,
Little Linda Pinda

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