Question? What are some causes of constipation?

Eliminating cancer, what are some causes constipation? I eat a lot of fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables but still I am constipated and I do have some bleeding at times. Should I take a laxatives for the rest of my life? What if the laxative stop working?s”

Constipation can be caused by many reasons such as medication, lack of exercise or fluids, not enough fiber, health conditions etc… I would never tell anyone that they won’t get cancer if they eat enough fruits and vegetables but I do think you are narrowing your chances by eating healthy. Fruits are an antioxidant which is thought to fight “Free Radicals” to help fight off cancer cells.

Laxatives are definitely only meant as a short-term solution to being constipated. You do not want to ever rely totally on Laxatives to stop constipation because your body can actually become dependant on them. It can take 1 to 2 years to get your body back to normal. To Stop Constipation due to poor eating habits, I would recommend that you drink 64 ounces or more of water per day (optimal is 1/2 your body weight in ounces of fluids plus 10 ounces when you are acutely constipated).

You are doing the right thing by eating lots of fruits and veggies as one of the many home remedies to stop constipation. Try making one of my really good Fruit Smoothies (here is the link) because you can hide Fiber such as Metamucil and Flax Seed in there without even realizing it. Add Inulin, Clear Fiber to your beverages. Look at the page with all the Tasty Water mixtures. Go to this page: This makes drinking all that fluid tastier so you will drink more water.

If you are using Psyllium and Inulin Fibers, slowly increase them to give your bowels a chance to get used to them without causing diarhhea. It is important to stop constipation. If you don’t, you could develop Hemorrhoids, Fissures or even block your bowels. Constipation is nothing to mess with.

Glutens and Protein can also be one of the causes of constipation. Choose which foods you eat carefully. Write it down and eliminate certain food groups one at a time to see if that particular type of food causes your chronic constipation. I found eating beans instead of meat helped with my constipation and I had to give up Gluten products for the most part.

I hope this is helpful to you. Enjoy the yummy recipes on this site and definitely check out this site because there is so much helpful information.

Little Linda Pinda

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