Question? What are some foods that cause constipation?

Question? What are some foods that cause constipation?

I’m taking a medicine that has nausea and diahrea as side effects. I haven’t had trouble with that yet, but just in case, I want to stick with foods that will help me from getting nauseaous and prohibit diahrea. Maybe heavy foods like bread and oatmeal? Cereals? What else? What about dried fruits like apples? I’ve heard apples can cause constipation, but they have fiber like prunes so don’t foods with a lot of fiber stop constipation? I’d rather be constipated than have loose stools! Thanks.

This advice is best to come from your physician because they are familiar with the medication side affects. In general though, apples are not causes of constipation. Fiber is generally very helpful for constipation but for those who may have a Gluten Sensitivity like I apparently do, some Fiber that contain Gluten such as Whole Wheat Bread can cause either Diarrhea or Constipation for some depending on how it affects them.

Cheese is well known to cause constipation in many people and some people have problems with bananas, I don’t, but I hear others do. Some people have difficulty with constipation when they eat bananas. When you make my yummy Fruit Smoothies that call for bananas, just eliminate that if bananas are one of your causes of constipation.

For me, Protein from Soy or Meat also was one of the causes of constipation. I had to cut way back on protein in general while in the acute stages of my fissure and constipation.

I primarily got my protein from my raw almonds and walnuts and beans. Beans have protein and fiber so this was a perfect food for me while healing my fissure. I slowly began adding more and more protein to my daily diet because we all need protein.

I started out by adding just 1 tsp of protein powder into my fruit smoothies and worked it back up to my normal, usually half of recommended serving size on the canister. This also saves me money but if you want more protein, go for the full amount if your body can handle it. Here is a new Awesome Plant Protein Powder that I just started using. It is so good for you.

Diarrhea or constipation are both not good for you and both can cause hemorrhoids and irritation to the rectal area so please see your doctor and work out a diet that works well for your body and medications. Always remember to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

Please look all over this site as there is so much valuable information to help Stop Constipation. See Delicious Smoothie Recipes, Salads and Dressing, Yogurt Dessert, etc….

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