Question? What’s the most effective home remedy to stop constipation?

I have tried everything in the drugstore and all I get is cramps, gas, nausea and no relief. Is there any good home remedies?

I started out doing too many drug store fixes too. Some of which may have been necessary in the beginning because of a deep fissure I had but I found the most effective treatment to stop constipation for me is listed all over this site. I will give you a couple of my top tips.

Are you able to do Anal Exercises to help strengthen or regulate your anus. Please ask you physician if that would help. But for others who have some issues down there, try tightening you anal muscles, squeeze and hold and let go and keep repeating. I found that helped with the weakening of the muscles from my fissure (anal tear).

You really need to drink much more water than you probably want to and eat way more vegetable and fruit too. A general rule of thumb for water consumption to help stop constipation would be to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces plus 10 ounces of fluids, especially water is the Ideal. You can see really good Tasty Water Hints on this page on this site:

Also, to help stop constipation, you should eat 9 to 10 servings of fruits and veggies daily. My Fruit Smoothies really help me get 2 to 3 servings of fruit plus I am able to add psyllium fiber and flax seed to give it even more fiber. Here is one of my Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipes on this site :

Adding Extra Fiber to your beverages and meals is a great way to get more fiber too. I can hide Clear Inulin Fiber, such as Benefiber in my morning Hot Cocoa or water without even being able to taste it. I also like the gummie type of fiber.

Try going Gluten or Dairy Free to see if one of these ingredients causes constipation for you. I eliminated both at the same time and slowly added Dairy back first and that was fine for me and then added Gluten and shortly thereafter realized Gluten causes constipation in me. Funny, because Celiac’s usually get Diarrhea from Gluten but not always so I just assumed Gluten wouldn’t cause constipation but for me it does.

So many Americans and maybe people from other countries now are eating way too many simple carbohydrates. I believe we need to fill our diets with more natural fiber and nutrient filled foods to stop constipation and just get healthier. I noticed more energy when I eat more Greens, such as green leafy lettuce or spinach, broccoli, etc…

For me, eating too much Protein, especially meat causes constipation. I needed to cut way back on protein until my fissure was healed better.

This is a daily routine that needs to be followed to stop constipation for many people, including myself. The nice thing is that I lost 20 pounds by eating so super healthy. I was able to slowly add protein back into my life but I believe I can never eat much Gluten without getting constipated and I LOVE bread. Gluten Free Products are more difficult to find and find good tasting ones. I am going to do an article on Gluten Free Food that I found and enjoy so you don’t have to waste as much money as I did trying so many yucky ones.

Look at the 10 Crucial Tips to Stop Constipation too. Super Helpful constipation due to poor eating patterns.

God Bless your new healthy efforts and I hope this will make life easier for you.
Little Linda Pinda

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