SAD Disorder – Seasonal Affective Disorder Lights – Will Lights help to Stop Constipation

SAD Disorder – Seasonal Affective Disorder Lights – Will Lights help to Stop Constipation

Hope and Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder

1. Light Therapy is possibly the number One thing you can do to Help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

2. Vitamins

3. Eating Properly

4. Go on Vacation in the Worst SAD Disorder Months

See more details below.

1. Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Therapy Box

In my opinion after suffering many years with Severe Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder, I would give SAD Light Therapy a try to see if this not only helps to Stop Constipation but to also help lift your moods, your blood pressure and energy level.

I am not a medical professional so this is a personal opinion, but it makes sense to me that if your body is slowing down so much in the winter, fall and or spring that your blood pressure drops or you are so exhausted your heart pounds just to walk or move, (I feel as though my body is shutting down) and you get constipated because of this slowing down, than it makes sense to me that if Light Therapy helps you get more energy, I would sure hope it would help you to Stop Constipation as well.

Not everyone will benefit from Seasonal Affective Light Therapy but so many people do that I do think it is worth a try. You should know in about a week if it is helping you or not.

At the time of this Article being Posted the SAD Light Box is $100.00 off. I don’t know how long this sale will last but here is your chance to pay approximately the same price, a bit more, and get a Medially Approved Light Box. See the Awesome Reviews to by clicking on the Ads above and below. And as always, I really appreciate that you are shopping through my Links as it helps me with my new internet business and I hope to continue to bring you helpful information to Stop Constipation, get Seasonal Affective Disorder help etc….

My personal Tips to using SAD Light Therapy are as follows:

Start out Slowly – 15 minutes a day and work your way up to at least 1 Hour per day.

If you are so weak in the morning, have the SAD Light Box tilted toward your bed and lay toward the SAD Light Box but not Directly at it.

Setting it up next to your Computer will be really helpful too. The time will Fly by so much faster than when you lay in bed. I mostly used it in bed but I also set mine up by my computer off to the side. See the Mount for this which is sold separately.

There are so many degrees of Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder from Mild Winter Blues to Full Blown Depression, Lack of Energy to Difficult time even getting out of Bed. Unfortunately I had about as bad of Seasonal Affective Disorder as you can get. My blood pressure would just tank, down to 74/45 at times, mostly 80’s/50’s in the months that I suffered from SAD Disorder.

I read that many, many people get help from SAD Light Therapy.

I wish so very, very much that I had found this ONLY MEDICALLY Approved Light Box before I was forced to move to Florida for my condition.

The financial cost to make such a huge move was gigantic to us. We had to sell property that was for our retirement, leave our family and the big cost of moving expenses took a real toll but I felt I had no choice. I knew about other SAD Light Therapy Boxes but the one I purchased for over $200.00 was not effective enough for me. I did feel some help from it but not enough.

This Light Therapy Box is the ONLY MEDICALLY Approved Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Therapy Box on the Market with even doctors using it for themselves. The testimonials are outstanding.

2. Vitamins

Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil are often recommended to help with SAD Disorder and Depression. It is an all around good for you Supplement. See one of my favorite Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil Brands Below. You can simply add it to your smoothie. (see my really delicious and healthy smoothie recipes on this site, one of the links is provided below)

The other thing that helped me was vitamins. Taking Vitamin D3 is essential for people especially those living in the Northern States but I am still taking that vitamin along with some other ones as well. Prior to taking Vitamin D3, my levels were low but now I am in the normal range.

Another vitamin that helped tremendously was B Complex Vitamins with B12. I have been taking this for years and hope to share the same one that I take with you but mean while, my friend is really happy and notices a big difference when he takes spray vitamins from Mercola.

I do believe that Liquid Vitamins and Spray are better at times than some tablet forms because they seem to break down and get into your system better. I am looking into finding information to share with you about the vitamins that I take but here are the ones my friend with Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD Disorder has lots of success with.

4. Plan your Vacation or House Sitting in the BAD Months

Try really hard to plan your vacation in the toughest months. It will help you get your much needed sunshine and also give you something to look forward to and plan. I find that after 3 Days of sunshine I start feeling better and after 7 days I seem to get the full benefit from the sunshine. Remember to wear sunscreen on more delicate areas of your body. Vitamin D does not get through Sunscreen so it is a bit of a catch 22 of wearing sunscreen or not because of skin cancer. I tend to keep it off my legs and let that absorb the sunshine but beware of the dangers of sun exposure too.

Try doing Pet Sitting or House Sitting. You can get a free place to stay while caring for peoples pets and house. Typically you pay your way there and back and get a home to stay in. Caution, do your research and criminal checks. I had AWESOME experiences with this with beautiful homes in Texas and California and really nice people. If they love you, maybe they will even pay your way next time.

5. Exercise

If possible, drag yourself outside to walk or something to get even the far off sunshine and fresh air. Getting your circulation going is difficult. BELIEVE ME, I KNOW how HARD this is to do.

While pet sitting, I walked the dog for miles to the beach and back.

here is another article I wrote on SAD Disorder – Seasonal Affective Depression…nstipation-net.html

Smoothie and Salad Recipes

Please look all over this site for Tons of help to Stop Constipation. Delicious Recipes, Tasty Water Tips, Tips to Stop Constipation etc….

I wish you a Wonderful and Happy New Year and Help and Hope for Seasonal Affective Disorder. My newest Web site should be up and running soon dedicated to helping you with Seasonal Affective Disorder. It will be at http://SadDisorder.Org

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