Sneaky Spinach Strawberry Mango Smoothie Recipe

SNEAKY SPINACH STRAWBERRY MANGO SMOOTHIE RECIPE – SMOOTHIES – The Great Way to Health, Energy, Lose Weight and to Stop Constipation by Little Linda Pinda

This Sneaky Spinach Strawberry Mango Smoothie Recipe could be the Start of a whole new Healthier life for you and your family. I can not detect the Spinach in this smoothie AT ALL. I have a really great tester tongue too for flavors. I am able to create really great recipes from restaurants because I am able to detect various ingredients and then recreate the recipe at home and my family loves it. My husband was the very first to taste this he he couldn’t taste the spinach either. Wow. To get your children to start eating FRESH SPINACH and love it. Next they will be dipping the Spinach Leaves in my Honey Flax Seed Recipe too. Let them help you make the dressing too.

Why are Smoothies so very good for us. Health expert recommend that we eat 9 to 10 servings of Fruits and Vegetables per day. Remember when the Government used to recommend 4 to 5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per day. Do most people even eat that.

Smoothies are a Fantastic way to Easily get 2 to 3 servings or Fruit and now with my Newest Smoothie Recipes, you can even get some Deep Green Vegetables in your Smoothie without even tasting it. REALLY. It is soooooo Good.

Smoothies are one of my personal Top Favorite ways to Stop Constipation because they are FAST, EASY and Easy to Eat/Dring on the Run. When I eat Fruit, it seems to ward off Constipation better than even Vegetables, for me, but I do definitely recommend eating vegetables. You Veggies for your general health and to stop constipation. Vegetables are a great source for energy too.

I also like Smoothies because you can HIDE so many Healthy ingredients. I often used Green Powder with Chlorophyll which helps with Energy and Feeling better but they often make my Smoothies taste yucky. I am about to try a new product that I will tell you about after I tested it for you. It sounds really exciting. I will announce it soon.

8 Ways to go about getting your Kids to Enjoy Smoothies and Veggies.

1. Let them Choose the Ingredients (along with your consultation of course)

2. Make it together. Let them dump the ingredients into the Blender.

3. Have a Smoothie Party – Invite a couple of their Friends to make it with them.

4. Talk about Smoothies as a Treat, like going out for Ice Cream. (That is how I think about it. Sometimes if I have an Ice Cream craving I will make a Smoothie instead)

5. After they LOVE Smoothies, then start experimenting by SLOWLY adding in some hidden Healthy Ingredients. They will Slowly acquire a taste and not even realize you are adding those ingredients such as Flax seed, Spinach, Fiber, Protein or Green Powders.

6. When you first put in the Healthy ingredients, use in small amounts without the children seeing. Let them taste. Get them pumped up about being PROUD to be eating healthy. Then make it fun to put a tiny bit of Spinach or fiber in the smoothies and work you way up. Have them brag to their friends on the healthy smoothies they make and eat.

7. Put toppings they like on veggies. I started eating Broccoli and Cauliflower with Cheese sauce. Eventually I loved it plain.

8. Most IMPORTANT – Make sure they are really Hungry when you are giving them something they will not necessary like.

9. Let them see you Drinking this Smoothie as a Special Treat for you. Maybe if they are lucky you will let them “TASTE”


Blend these Ingredients in a Blender or Magic Bullet Blender:

1 3/4 Cup Strawberries slighty thawed in Microwave for 50 Seconds

1 Cup FRESH Spinach Leaves (try less if desired, you won’t even taste it)

1/4 Piece of Ripe Banana

1/4 Cup Crushed Ice if Desired

1 tsp Lemon Juice from Concentrate or 1 TBS Fresh Lemon Juice and pulp

1/2 tsp Fiber work up to 1 TBS eventually, less for children
1/2 tsp Flax Seed, work up to 2 TBS, less for children

Blend in the Blender Well.

Especially just to start, I highly recommend this Mango Juice because the Flavor is so powerful that it is really easy to hide the Spinach and Flax Seed in. It is 100% Juice too. Below is a link for the Handy 15 little 11.16 ounce to go Cartons. Easy to toss into lunch bag or take in the car. You can also buy it larger and smaller container sizes. is our Newest and really Fun site filled with all sorts of Various Favorite Products, Recipes, Home Owner Tools tips and Advice, we are even going to give you Free advice on how to prepare your home to sell and our web site links. Please Bookmark these sites as we are adding great new information on a regular basis. Look at MOM’S Favorite Products too.

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