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STEVIA. Why would we talk about Stevia on Stop Constipation?

SweetLeaf says that Stevia is The Zero Calorie All Natural Sweetener
Stevia is a South American herb that has been used as a sweetener by the Guarani Indians of Paraguay for hundreds of years. The leaves of this small, green Stevia rebaudiana plant have a delicious and refreshing taste that can be 30 times sweeter than sugar. See the Ad below if you would like to try the Flavored Samples. I also like the SweetLeaf Brand the best. I use less than than brands.

Stevia is known to be a Healthy Sweetener. From everything that I read regarding the other artificial sweeteners, I decided to use Stevia instead. I am so grateful that someone told me about Stevia. I am finding that not many people even heard of it. They are still using the Aspartame sweeteners instead. For constipation relief, you want to cut out all simple sugars and simple carbohydrates. Sugars tend to hold water in our bodies, not only giving us water water gain and puffiness but the water isn’t available for your bowels to hydrate your stools, thus contributing to constipation. Totally stop eating ALL simple sugars and carbohydrates. Substitute with whole grains, brown and wild rice and use Stevia in place of sugar.

For some, Stevia may have a hint of bitter flavor. You can add a tiny bit of sugar to offset this if it bothers you. If you look at my Tasty water suggestions, I do put Stevia in my lemon water. I don’t feel the need for the sugar but my mother prefers a bit of sugar. If it means you will cut out LOTS of sugar by using Stevia and a tiny bit of sugar, then use the tiny bit of sugar. Our main goal is to help you Stop Constipation and as I mentioned before, improving your diet in anyway will be better than nothing. Plus, once you are on your way to cutting back on sugars, maybe you will loose your sweet tooth.

For myself, I find that if I give up ALL sweets, including sweeteners for 3 Days, I no longer crave sugar. I heard others have quick success getting off the sugar cravings. Stevia and other sweeteners may still leave you craving sugars though. Try Tea with 1/2 Lemon for Lemon Lovers like me and a few drops of Stevia. I love Raw Honey in my Tea.

I think that is great that Stevia is offering the sample set. I would love to try the different flavors before buying the large bottle. I started out buying the smaller Stevia bottles but now purchase the larger bottles to be more economical. So, using other Stop Constipation hints along with cutting back on sugar and simple carbs, hopefully this is just another one of the many home remedies for constipation.

I am hoping this will be just another step to getting Healthier, maybe even lose weight, if that is what you desire and to Stop Constipation once and for all. Please look all around this site because it is truly filled with so much information to help you. I buy the dry stevia and the liquid. I use the dry in dry mixtures that I want to store and the liquids for my beverages and such.

5 STAR Review of SweetLeaf Stevia
This Stevia is Fantastic. (lemon drop, valencia orange, chocolate raspberry and vanilla) The little droppers and the case make it easy to try different flavors. I would have preferred that they had them offered in all the flavors Sweetleaf actually makes. I refill the little droppers if you decide you like a certain flavor. If you decide later to purchase a bigger bottle, you can. The larger sizes will save you money. I use these in my coffee, smoothies, water and I can even make healthier sugar free gelatin with Knox Gelatin.

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