STOP Constipation Naturally and Get Healthier and Even Lose Weight

STOP Constipation Naturally and Get Healthier and Even Loose Weight while Doing It!

STOP Constipation Naturally

9 to 10 Fruits and Veggies per day is recommended around the health world today. 64 oz or more of water per day is also recommended by some or even half your weight plus 10 oz remembering that caffeinated drink don’t count and could even increase the need as they act as a diuretic. Always consult your doctor.

To help myself with Chronic Constipation problems I had for 8 months per year because of Severe Seasonal Affective Disorder, I was on a quest to find Constipation Remedies to help with my Constipation.  For me, I realized that first, my body could not handle eating much protein at all. 

When I was eating 15 gram fiber cereals and lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking huge amount of water and still getting constipated, I realized I had to change something.  Through much research and putting together a lot of constipation advice, I thought I would try a Gluten Free Diet and also cut way back on protein and when I felt I could, I started slowly adding protein. 

I even cut back to only 1 tsp of protein powder instead of a big scoop.  For me, I got constipated even when I only ate my 1 ounce of raw almonds and walnuts in the mornings and 3 bites of chicken in my salad.  I think the gluten may have been causing some of the problem too.  I do not recommend that people stop eating protein because you will loose your lean muscle mass but I had to for me.  Again, talk to your doctor.  I found that even eating soy crisps made me get constipated so I had to find out how to stop chronic constipation and get some remedies for constipation that worked for me.

Continue to read more up and coming posts on remedies for constipation, causes of constipation, how to stop constipation and chronic constipation with some constipation treatments on how to stop constipation.


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These 5 Articles are Probably the Best Article to Sum Up in a Nutshell, How to Stop Constipation. VERY HELPFUL and interesting. This is what I did to Stop Constipation, Heal my fissure, Reduce my Hemorrhoids and Lose 20 Pounds too. All over this site I share delicious Smoothies and Salad recipes to help you Stop Constipation now.

10 Crucial Steps to Stop Constipation

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