Talk to Your Doctor about Chronic Constipation & Causes of Constipation to STOP Constipation

Talk to Your Doctor about Chronic Constipation & Causes of Constipation to STOP Constipation

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to discuss this bluntly and matter-of-factly with your doctor.  They must know.  You may be referred to a specialist, Colorectal or formerly known as Proctologist.

Keep in mind that Chronic Constipation can be the symptom or evidence of a more serious disease, such as Colon or Rectal Cancer, Bowel Obstruction or some other medical issue.  I know someone who had part of her bowel removed due to gangrene.  It was extremely debilitating and painful.  I do think because of our vast ingestion of refined process foods, many people are creating this predicament for themselves.  The conundrum to all of this is WHY.  Why don’t people take care of themselves and instead have a vibrant fulfilled life of well being.

For me, protein was very difficult to digest and I needed to cut way back on the amount of protein I consumed.  Even Soy Protein.  I used to snack on Soy Crisps but for me, that initiates a dilemma.  When I went on the South Beach Diet or a similar Diet to Atkins, I had constipation each time.  Be familiar with your body.  Understand what works or what challenges your system.  If you go on these diets, increase your fiber in the vegetables.  I eat large quantities of broccoli, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage and now adding beans more often to my dietary routine.   Since my fissure healed I have been able to slowly and methodically  incorporate protein back into my dietary consumption.

When I developed the extremely painful deep fissure, I was told by my doctor not to take any pain killers as they frequently slow down your digestive tract.  The pain was some of the worst pain in my life because the fissure tear was all the way to the muscle which caused spasms and pain.  A warm bath became my favorite remedy for this situation.  Placing a warm compress also assisted in relieving the pain.

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