Urinary Frequency, Urinary Incontinence and Urinary Leakage in Women and Men – Part 1

Urinating Frequency, Urinary Incontinence and Urinary Leakage in Women and Men – Part 1 on Stop Constipation .Net by Little Linda Pinda

Note from Little Linda Pinda,

Our readers have a strong interest in why we have Urinary Frequency or Urinary Incontinence or Leakage so I decided to do some more research on this subject.  Most of my research came from the Mayo Clinic and from my own personal struggle to Stop Constipation and as a result of the constipation and deep fissure, I also had an issue with Urinary Leakage, while the Fissure was traumatized especially.
Please be sure to read many more articles on How to Stop Constipation as I have provided valuable information that took me so much time to discover.  It was worth it though because I was able to avoid surgery on the Fissure and Stop Constipation.  Read on if you are having or know someone who is having problems with Urinary Frequency, Incontinence or Leakage for both Women and Men.  This is a 4 Part Series so please come back each day to read the entire article.
Some of the causes of Urinary Frequency and Urinary Incontinence or Leakage can be due to many serious, not so serious and simple reasons.


Your daily habits can be to blame for Urinating too often or Urinary Incontinence, such as your consumption of too many fluids.  –  A  large amount of Fluids in a short amount of time increases the amount your bladder takes in thus increasing the frequency of urinating.  (Little Linda Pinda Recommends drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of Fluids, especially water daily but 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water daily is ideal and plus 10 ounces while acutely constipated.  Yes, it will cause you to urinate more frequently than when you did not hydrate properly but you need to do what is best for your body to Stop Constipation). There are many other health advantages to hydrating your body properly.


The Medications you take can be a cause for Urinary Frequency, Urgency or loss of Bladder Control.  Some medications that can cause these problems for you could be, Muscle Relaxers, Blood Pressure and Heart Medication, Sedatives and other Medications can cause Loss of Bladder Control and Urinating Frequently.


Did you know that Alcohol acts as a diuretic and stimulant to your bladder which in turn can cause the urinary frequency and urgency to urinate.  The following foods can irritate your bladder causing urinary frequency, urinary incontinence or urine leakage in women and menThe following Foods and Beverages can irritate your bladder:
Tea                                                                                                                                                 Coffee
Carbonated Beverages – with Caffeine or even without Caffeine
Artificial Sweeteners (Little Linda Pinda recommends using Stevia)
Corn Syrup or Foods with a lot of Sugar
High Acidic Foods like Citrus and Tomatoes
Spicy Foods

Of course, most of us know that Caffeine, being a diuretic and a stimulation to our bladders, can in turn cause the urgency to Urinate Frequently and Suddenly.

Here are just some of the more simple to treat illnesses which could be a cause for Urinary Frequency, Urinary Incontinence or Urinary Leakage.  Having a Urinary Tract Infection is a possible warning sign of a Bladder Infection may be your Strong Urge to Urinate which could cause Urinary Incontinence and be the only sign of a possible Urinary Tract Infection.  You may feel a burning sensation or foul odor upon Urinating.

Constipation can also cause Urinary Frequency and Urgency because your Rectum is located so close to your Bladder and also shares many of the same Nerves, Hard and compacted Fecal Matter can cause those Nerves to Over Re-Act and Cause Urinary Frequency or Urinary Urgency.

This Hard Stool could also prevent you from fully expelling all your Urine Completely thus causing an Over Flow Type of Incontinence.  If your Constipation is caused from a poor diet, then this can be a very easy way to lessen Urinary Frequency or Urinary Incontinence or Leakage.  Sometimes, Constipation can result in trauma to the rectal area such as a Fissure that can also cause these urinary issues.

Another Note from Little Linda Pinda:
Constipation is where I started having issues with Urinary Leakage. I developed a Deep and Painful Fissure and Hemorrhoids due to supplements that were recommended and given to me by my Chiropractor. I did not put it together that they were causing extreme constipation for an entire month.

The reason I didn’t put it together was in the Fall, Winter and Spring, I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and my body feels as though it is shutting down, slowing down and I tended to get somewhat constipated that time of year anyways. Well not that constipated. I needed to Stop Constipation NOW.

I was having very bad pain, spasms and bleeding in the rectal area. I just figured it was Hemorrhoids and who goes to the doctor for only hemorrhoids was my thought pattern at that time until it got to the “Worst Constipation of my Life”. I will go much farther into this soon and let you know what I did to help with not only the Fissure, Hemorrhoids but the Urinary Leakage as well. But for me, I know for a fact that a Fissure can cause Urinary Leakage or Incontinence.

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Please come back tomorrow to read more about Urinary Incontinence in both Men and Women. Please read all the 4 Parts to this article.

References: Mayo Clinic http://www.MayoClinic.com and Stop Constipation by Little Linda Pinda http://www.StopConstipation.Net

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