Urinating Frequency, Urinary Incontinence and Urinary Leakage in Women and Men – Part 4 (of 4)

Urinating Frequency, Urinary Incontinence and Urinary Leakage in Women and Men – Part 4 on StopConstipation.Net by Little Linda Pinda

Note from Little Linda Pinda,
Our readers have a strong interest in why we have Urinary Frequency or Urinary Incontinence or Urine Leakage so I decided to do some more research on this subject.

Most of my research came from the Mayo Clinic and from my own personal struggle to Stop Constipation and as a result of the constipation and deep fissure, I also had an issue with Urinary Leakage, while the Fissure was traumatized especially.

Please be sure to read many more articles on How to Stop Constipation as I have provided valuable information that took me so much time to discover. It was worth it though because I was able to avoid surgery on the Fissure and Stop Constipation.

Read on if you are having or know someone who is having problems with Urinary Frequency, Incontinence or Urine Leakage for both Women and Men. This is a 4 Part Series so please come back each day to read the entire article.

Frequency of urinating for men could be various Prostate issues such as:

Prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the Prostate Gland. This gland is located just below the bladder in men and is the size of a walnut. The loss of bladder control is not typical but Urinary Incontinence can at times occur with Prostatitis.

Benign Prostactic Hyperplasia (BPH) is the Enlargement of the Prostate Gland. As men age, Urinary Incontinence or Urinary Frequency can occur due to this enlargement.

Prostate cancer. In men, stress incontinence or urge incontinence can be associated with untreated prostate cancer. However, more often, incontinence is a side effect of treatments surgery or radiation for prostate cancer. My father at the age of 85 was diagnosed with Aggressive Prostate Cancer. The doctors chose not to treat him because of his age.

The slower form of Prostate Cancer is often times not the reason for a man’s death because some say a man will most likely die from something else first. I recommend getting a second opinion because this is what my dad was told. When he went to a University Hospital, they told my parents my dad has the Aggressive Form of Prostate Cancer.

My mother him to a progressive hospital that gave him a very aggressive treatment. His treatment went very well but my father died a few months later of a massive hemorrhage in his brain, possibly caused from taking too much blood thinner. He had been having strokes for the last few years of his life. His will to live for my mother and all of us was so touching to me. He would confide in me that he was worried about leaving my mother alone.

They had the most romantic beautiful relationship I’ve ever seen. I love my parents so much. I just want to say Thank you to my dad for all the love he gave us and especially our mom. He technically was my step dad but he was really my dad. Thanks for letting me express a side note from me, Little Linda Pinda.

References: Mayo Clinic http://www.MayoClinic.com and Stop Constipation by Little Linda Pinda http://www.StopConstipation.Net
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Note from Little Linda Pinda,
Our site has an abundance of helpful information to hopefully Stop Constipation in your life as this information did Stop Constipation, for the most part, in my life. I researched, begged professionals for information on how to eat, what to do to stop constipation so I could heal my very painful deep Fissure for which surgery was recommended to me.

I was able to heal the fissure and lose 20 pounds to boot by following the advise I have on this site. I do however recommend that you see your doctor to determine what the causes of constipation would be in your life.

As you can see from this research, Urinary Incontinency, Urinary Frequency and Urinary Leakage in both men and women can be caused from constipation or a number of other illness or issues. If your doctor determines that your constipation is caused from a poor diet or even a healthy diet that your body doesn’t agree with, please ask them if the plans I laid out on this site would be helpful to you.

I have a compilation of all the different research that worked for me and I am passionate about sharing this with you to help you either avoid constipation or help you stop constipation.

God Bless you,
Little Linda Pinda

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