Vegetables? Raw – Frozen – Steamed – Boil – Microwave – Canned? That is the Question on Stop Constipation

Vegetables? Raw – Frozen – Steamed – Roasted – Boil – Microwave – Canned? That is the Question on Stop Constipation.

What has the highest nutritional value?
How many servings per day is recommended?
These are probably questions you have asked yourself and it can actually depend on the vegetables. I would say that for the most part, Raw Vegetables have the most nutritional value but I have heard that cooked Tomatoes are more nutritionally valuable to your body. Here is what I think from all of my reading and years of experience.

1. Raw Vegetables have the highest nutritional value. The longer the vegetables sit in your refrigerator though, the more nutrition they loose with age or if they take too long to get to your state. Try to buy fresh and local whenever possible for the peak of freshness.

2. Frozen is usually the next best if you or food processing company blanches or flash freezes them right away.

3. Steamed is generally considered the best way to keep the most nutrition in the food. Actually, undercook if they are going to sit even a few minutes while you get ready to eat because they continue to keep cooking, especially if you keep the lid on. I still struggle with this as I now love my vegetables firm after steaming but I often keep the lid on they continue to cook. Learn as I did to eat them less and less cooked to gain more value and often flavor. I grew up on canned so I preferred the mushy vegetables if my mom cooked them but she taught me to cook them less and through the years I do.

4. How about Roasting your vegetables. Take 1 head of Broccoli, put a sheet pan in the oven at 500 degrees to get real hot, Cut the stalks off and peel the woody outer layer off the stalk and cut into 1/2 inch wide pieces. Cut the Flowered section into larger pieces. Toss in a Large Bowl with 3 Tablespoon Olive or Grape Seed Oil, 1/2 tsp sugar to help carmelize salt and pepper to taste. Place Broccoli on hot cookie sheet and Roast for 9 – 11 minutes.

5. Boiling your veggies would be forth in my opinion because you are cooking the vitamins into the water. I do however boil my baby carrots in water with a little salt and a good amount of sugar. They are really tasty this way and I eat them for a mid day snack. Really good and good for you. I think the Low Carb diets give carrots a really bad rap because they are a sweeter vegetable but they are so good for you. If boiling them with some sugar gets you to eat them for a snack instead of candy or potatoes, I say go for it.

6. Microwave is my last option as far as cooking goes because the microwaves have been said to kill the nutritients in your food. I do not know this for a fact but I have chosen to microwave as little as possible because it made sense to me. Please do your own study on this.

7. Canned Vegetables. What can I say about the can. I would recommend against buying too many canned vegetables because they usually have added salts and or preservatives and what about the lining in the cans. Is that safe? I have heard not. Some are saying the lining is an epoxy liner giving off more BPA then Plastic Water Bottles (that’s another subject we will look into). Do more research on canned goods before you continue to consume them.

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